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What type of attacks should never go with dinosaurs

What I mean is like this. Imagine your probably in mid library and your fighting an over boosted on health apatosaurus. When you attack for some reason you deal 1/3 the damage. When you look at the attacks you find that this apatosaurus has evasive strike.
What are examples of this

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Trykosaurus with Thagomizer.

Actually…that might work. :sweat_smile:

Apato needs cautious strike. :rofl:


A swap in Defense Shattering Rampage would be pretty stupid…

Oh wait!..


The turtle getting a lockdown move

Cautious Strike on Geminititan sounds fun. 6k health obviously isn’t tanky enough

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What about cautious strike on Ardentismaxima? Or maybe persistent ferocious strike on Tryko?

About every combination of moves to creatures Ludia has designed. It’s rare to get a match that you actually have to think to win. The winner is just a rng that depends on who gets what at the start of the battle.

Dracoceratops pre 1.11 with instant rampage. Couldn’t imagine the destructive nature of adding that move. Would still be devastating post 1.11…

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Cautious Strike on literally anything.

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Definite Rampage on Indominus rex G2.

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Any carnivorous dinosaur with anything other than Bite or scratch, since that’s what they did lol.

The ones with thagomizers on their tails can have just that, since their bite was useless.

Though it would make for a very boring battle game if they all had one attack Haha.

Definite rampage on indom,indomG2 and erlidom.
superior vulnerability on Thor,tryko,Rex,and tenontorex
Extended critical on Thor.
Definite rampage on creatures that has superior vulnerability.

Erlidominus with Cautious Strike and Definite Rampage

Gemini with Def Rampage and Decelerating counter

Instant Definite Cautious Devastation

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Dracorex with Defense Shattering Rampage
T-Rex with Superiority Strike
Majundasuchus with Cloak
Carbonemys with 132 Speed…it’s a bad idea!

A move that distracts, dodges, cleanses, speedups and hits precisely used by immune to stuns creature.

Heard of Tenontorex?

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