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What type of attacks should never go with dinosaurs

It’s like T-rex with Superiority Strike, but better.
But I suppose I misunderstood your point.

The T-Rex i mean is Epic, who walks on two legs and has the most damage in the game

Give it 50% armour to go along with that health

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Trio, Thor, Tyrannosaurus…

Decelerting impact.
Minimal strike speed up
Lethal rampage

Apato with pounce… cuz, gravity


Brachiomorphodon: The Sauropod with Swoop
Ankylosaurus with Pounce
Compsognathus with Defense Shattering Rampage
Tryostronix with Defensive Stance

Swap in precise/definite rampage …


*calling it now, this will happen…
and when it does, it will be my permanent, un-regretted departure.
(Feel free to SS this and tag me in the future)

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Velociraptor having a slowing move


What if a level one dracorex gen 2 can kill a geminititan. Oh wait!