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What type of matchup is this?


So I’m minding my own business at Lockwood Estates, you know sitting around 4200 trophies, and I get jumped by this thug. How am I supposed to compete against this arsenal??

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Yeah… it has happened to me before as well… not the first time and won’t be the last…
I don’t believe the story of farming incubators though…

They can’t play with the same level players because they lose… so in order to feel better about themselves… they lower down and beat up other people that don’t stand a chance…

makes them feel good about themselves both in the virtual world and real life… if that’s what they need, then let them have it for that moment… reality will sink in eventually…

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Hate to say it… most of top 50 all dropped arenas to get easy incubators. It is sad really, especially with engorged teams like that.

I am sitting at rank 20-30 because of the arena droppers, and I don’t even have a l30 unique. So that is saying a lot.

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It could (unlikely but possible) just be someone who didn’t start battling before, but still often played the game and got good dinos, then is now deciding to start battling, so they still started at 0 trophies.