What u do think of fusable apexes on future?

even though we will have updated tomorrow
want to know
¿ what do you think of fusable apexes?
I personally think is… Weird and good, because we could have a full team of apexes
but at the same time is weird, cause maybe we need to level up a common to level 25, you know how much DNA that costs???
even though tellme what u think?

Be nice if it were creatures we have max dna on and not brand new exclusives. If the point is to help veteran or big spenders to use dna that’s been accumulated and sitting for a few years then great. Bear king is meh because the 2 new exclusives. I understand it shouldn’t be super easy to make so adding something new makes sense to an extent.


fusible apexes was the worst idea ludia ever had


I don’t like the idea of fusible apexes since they seem like the second most pay 2 win thing this game has ever seen next to boost. Me and a friend got bored a few days ago and made these concept for more though :sweat_smile:.





It seeoms to only be Legendary Hybrid + Superhybrid for Fusible Apexes

I dislike them for a few reasons.

  1. The first one we’ve gotten is OP – it has maybe one counter (daryx) after turn one – and if the next one is made of what people are expecting, it will likely be OP as well. If this trend continues, the power creep is going to be a real problem. Higher-level arenas are already boring due to most players using the same team. We need more variety, not an even smaller pool of OP stuff.

  2. The fact that they require components at level 25 is fine (kind of – see point 3). The problem is that they use exclusive DNA instead of incorporating old creatures that older players have a lot of DNA for. It seems like a transparent attempt to make everyone spend.

  3. The fact that any unique could become an apex discourages people from leveling uniques past 25 or donating unique components to their alliance. After I maxed skoona and indot, I was happily donating their components to my alliance. Now I’m reluctant.


it also seemed to be non-hybrid + hybrid for a unique but that was disregarded to make compsocaulus wasn’t it.

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Um… Testa is Nasuto+Carbo+Euclad Lol

But in all fairness…

Hadros shouldve been Plux and Caulus


What they could do is slowly turn the raid Apex’s fusible after 6 months or a year and make the new ones raids although that may anger and kill those well on their way of getting these by raids.

My guess is every Apex will have 5 base ingredients. Even the raid Apex’s have a recipe.

It kind of kills with Actovasalis having the exclusive ingredients. After the 25th, it goes to all FIP’s and requests. I’m hoping they might give us a month of the moose like they did with the bear.

I’m slowly getting there.

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Tbh, I don’t really mind, unless the arena starts to get out of hand. I’d opt for more creatures that actually existed though

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I’d rather fuse for apex than raid. :face_vomiting: I still don’t have the hydraboa because I just hate raiding. I’m at 95/300. I’ve unlocked the others and left at 26. I did a few extra Mortem and ref but I stopped. Raids are boring and long. Too much effort for not enough reward.


I will be getting 3 for sure in the next 7 days, possibly 4 if I don’t get only 15 on Hydra. I had a lot of 15’s on Gorgo which is why that one is so far behind. This is 97 strait days of Apex raiding so far and will be close to 4 month of strait raiding to get them all. They could keep the raids and add fusibility. I’m projecting 118 days of strait raiding to get these on all 4 accounts. This is a lot of work and often don’t beat these the first try.



2 commons lvl 25… recipe for a really weak APEX

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There’s also the simple problem that Ludia tries to make these Apexes extremely difficult to get by making them with exclusive components, but many of the top players spend so much time farming DNA that they end up quickly maxing out the new creature anyway, rendering the entire point of making it a hybrid of exclusive creatures moot.

At the very least, it would be nice if the fusible Apexes were made of hybrid ingredients that weren’t exclusive and thus were a little easier to acquire.


Well, we don’t need to level up common creature to level 25, because a Mega-hybrid are made from Super-Hybrid + Hybrid DNA…

Well i must say the concept of fuseable apexes is a good thing. If they would remained raid exclusive they would have ended up replacing eachother wich would have been bad if they replaced hard raids like trebax or lux and would also have been unfair for new players who aren’t high enough. I agree that arctovasilas is op but the next one shouldn’t be as op unless he’s part indotaurus

Apex are meant for end game players and not new players.

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All rules thrown out the window at this point. The new Troodoboa is a basic epic + super hybrid.


And Albertospinos: Basic Rare, Legendary Superhybrid