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What u do with game cash?


If u have 10000 game cash (green), what’s the best to spend it?
Buy coins? Buy epic incubator? Or just keep getting into arena win incubator and open as many as possible?


Personally I wouldn’t touch any of the incubators - no guarantee what you will get. Coins are the best bet, especially if you wait for an offer - over Christmas you got 50% more for your cash. Just be careful you don’t “pocket spend” it accidently. I’m sure some will also say rare and epic scents are worth it but personally I wouldn’t - I just get the free ones from strike towers, etc…


It needs to be 10 characters but that’s all that needs to be said on this matter.


Not even open arena incubators as many as possible? coins can be collected daily seems not a big issue…DNA is always the most required.


It will be… personally I need coins desperately, don’t have time to go out and max out the supply drop coins and cash


If you ask me, quite possibly the best way to spend is rushing incubators. But buying incubators, scents or coins are also good options.


I speed up incubaters sometimes but this is more down to me being curious what dna i’m going to pull from them :smiley: other than that like people have said on here, save them up then spend all when there’s a special offer on coins. Not sure how long you’ve been playing but I used to think coins weren’t an issue, how wrong I was :joy:


I use my cash to speed up regular incubators but rarely more than 30 at a time and I tend to have an amount of cash that I don’t dip into - normal round 500s, so if I have 3756 cash I would use 256 of it to speed up incubators as and when I need a free slot but not dip into the 3500.


I also try and keep 200 around at all times so I can retry an epic strike tower if needed :slight_smile:

You can never have enough coins to level up your main team let alone your bench.


yeah same for me, however seeing the dna results from recent incubators I got from the epic events i’m glad I haven’t had to redo any recently…


Yeah - incubators are a real mixed bag - I laughed at @Hersh the other day for getting Concavenator and then got Koola - the karma police were out in force. Rest of it wasn’t bad though as did get 100+ Raja and ~4000 Velo. With the epic ones I look at them as 15,000 coins - any useful DNA is a bonus.


And you never know what dna you might be needing for future hybrids, so indeed in the end it might all be worth it and just take the free dna, and be happy with the coins


Exactly - remember when everyone was moaning “please no more dilo gen 2!”? I think I had 30,000+ All gone now.


I max coins almost everyday to and back from work, so i know is never enough.
Even buying the coins would not be enough to lvl up few, so i was thinking if i shd just go for the arena incubators and collect a varieties of DNA.
Will be gone in a flash to buy a epic incubator from shop…why cost so much for one incubator…collect 3 month of cash to tap for one incubator?


At the end of the day you have to do what is best for you - everyone has different goals and different things they enjoy - do what will make you enjoy the game more :slight_smile:


Coins. Just coins. And wait for the sales. You will never regret buying coins and almost always regret buying incubators.


Save up cash to buy coins. Never buy incubators with it.


There are more ways to get free coins now than ever before. I used to never max my dailies from supply drops either, but once I signed back up for VIP and began playing more actively, maxing daily just happens. Having 2 SDs right outside doesn’t hurt either. If you find yourself getting low on coin and can hold off until they do a promo, that’s a good way to spend some of that cash. I’ve always been a fan of speeding up arena incubators and it has helped me gradually level dinos with hybrids and stockpile tons of DNA that may later become a hybrid. If you know what you need and can go hunt for it, scents are probably the best way to spend that :dollar: imo. Even if you aren’t targeting a specific zone, those 5 for $50 5min commons are a great way to boost your chances of rares and even the occasional epic. Especially if you can do it while walking so you get double spawns at the 2min spawn intervals. I’ve purchased a decent amount of rare and special event scents for 200, but only 1 epic scent for 1000. Epic scents are great if you’re really close to leveling a Dino but need a hard to find epic to do it. Just make sure to be in the right zone for that epic if it’s not a global spawn. The free scents for incubators and strike towers are the best way to get DNA without spending :dollar:. That got longer than intended. Oh well, hope it helps someone.


Just use for coins but keep at least 200 available for retries on epic towers for if you lost and it was just because an unlucky critical and you think you can beat it on another try. The 200 spent on a retry and win is worth the 10+K and incubator. It is also not a huge loss if you don’t win on the retry.


Coins coins coins.

I did buy a couple of the Halloween scent/dart combos. They were worth it to me.