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What u do with game cash?


The programmer seems to be able to identify my game data, when i have A DNA, i cannot have enough B…when i have enough DNA no coins.
Why why why why why?


Yeah, never do this. OTOs and the occasional promo bundle are what got me to spend more real world $ than I ever intended, but have never and will never buy a straight up incubator from the store. Besides, they give them out like candy from strike events now.


yeah, don’t think i have the guts to tap on it too…lol…
that’s why i am thinking to actually open as many incubators as possible from arena, as 3 hr incubators may also contain epic dinos…not many dna but still some…
but many suggested on buying coins instead but not incubators, which make me think twice what to do…as i always thought DNA is the first priority, without it how much coins is useless…


Once you start hitting the lvl 20 regions of your dino’s upgrade’s will cost a lot and your coins will be gone really quickly


One thing I will caution you against is spending it all speed opening. There’s definitely good dna in arena incubators but expect it to come very slowly compared to darting an epic when you have the chance to. Also, I swear they’ve changed the cycle on those to only give 1 epic inc per cycle, whereas before I used to be able to get at least 2 before it had to go all the way back around. I’m spending less :dollar: opening them than before. (Being almost out of it helps with that:) Itreally depends on where you’re at in the game too. Higher player level means getting tons more DNA from darting, so scents are definitely better for me now, but I don’t regret opening sooooo many battle incs earlier on in the game.


I am just doing a simple calculation.
If i have 10000 cash, and arena has mostly 3 hrs incubator, i will be opening like more than 300 incubators.
Along the way will also get epic incubators, i don’t know the cycle but those who know properly know how many epic can be collected.
300 incubators to open…how many DNA can be collected?


This is true but I’m at another platue now. I have coins but the dinos are taking soooo much grinding to have the DNA to level them that DNA has become the bottleneck once again. I did do 1x of the cash for coins New Years promo to get like 450,000 coins, but I’m sitting at 900,000 now and have been adding levels to dinos since that deal. The coins are just coming in faster than ever. Also, arena incubators do give you coins too, a lot of people overlook that.


oh yeah, incubators contain coins too, very good point…


You also get coins from winning battles to fill the slots vacated by speeding up incubators :slight_smile:

Its a coin fest but you will ultimately spend them all.

BTW - I never speed up an incubator if I have a free slot - only if I need one.


Coins become the currency when your creatures hit above 20.
If you aren’t there, save all the coins you can get.
Incubators are generally not worth it.
Do strike events, battle enough to get an 8hr every day and keep a 3hr burning continually.

You’ll need coins later in the game.

Don’t level useless creatures.

Edit: Some scents are worth it, like the Christmas bundle scent.


I used my game cash to buy my t Rex a new grill… And some cheap sun glasses.


Speed up battle incubators… it’s how I (slowly) get epic Erliko and a steady supply of rare DNA from other areas. To me it’s the best value and will get you 12 hour and 24 hour (epic) incubators faster.



I speed up incubators

Aswell, the battles are more fun when you get a new one :slight_smile:


Was thinking the same, that’s why posted for opinion and many suggested to buy coins.
Is there a arena that will get more SINO DNA with battle incubators?


How about someone from ApexPredators. @Marktheshark @Idgt902 @Relentless24 @Legomin1413 @TheFett or anyone else. What do you guys think is best spending cash on?


I buy scents and occasionally speed up battle incubators. I live in L1 and an epic scent most often brings in 3-4 Epics. I actually walk my epic scents around my neighborhood and get the 2 spawns every two minutes. My last epic brought me 1 Sino 1 Trex 1 Kentro and 1 Concave. I also stock up when they have special scents ie Raptor, Stegosoid, Claws, Halloween…lots of DNA for 200 cash. So far I’m keeping up with my gold because by the time I’ve collected enough DNA to level I’ve naturally got enough gold. I max all gold everyday though.


I generally buy the scents. I do speed up incubators at a slower rate now. Much slower then before. Usually run a 8 hr while speeding up the 3hrs and 15 mins. Coins I only buy when absolutely needed or when they are on sale. But if you know where certain Dino’s spawn and know your locals the scents are the better buy.


Nice. Now if you could just tell me where to run mine I’ll be all set…lol



I’m sure everyone has seen this before. But I copied the spawn list and keep it with me for hunting. I actually found a CPL gas stations with nest spawns for sino. They have been very lucky for me