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What u do with game cash?


Thanks. I keep that open on one of my phones. Still doesn’t make any sino’s, Kentro’s or Erlick appear on my screen but I am getting a ton of Deino.


I’ve only ever used my game cash for coins. The incubators never felt like they were worth the money.


I use my cash on scents. In an effort to work on my Tenontorex, I’ve been quite fond of using Rare Scents, especially for how much they are it’s pretty great


Where do you usually run them for teno?


Very thankful for some top players choice, as your feedback will be so useful with your experience.
May i know what u guys mean when u say L1 L2, what zone is that? are they referring to certain country and a specific area?


L2 Areas, where you come across Ouranosaurus, Dracorex, or in my case what I need Tenontosaurus


Do u mind to explain what does all these L1/L2 means?


Look it the link posted a bit above by @Idgt902. It is explained there. It is not referring to a certain country, You should be able to find them all where you live with maybe a little driving involved. So if you are driving and come across a couple deino’s you are most likely in L1. Look at the chart provided in the link above to see what other dinos you have a chance of catching there.


Agreeing with Markthewhaleshark, our money goes on (in order):

Mostly rare scents for Tento - have specific area we hunt these bad boys in. 1 scent in the right cycle in the right area guarantees between 5 and 8 tento.

Epic scents for Ourano and Sino. If I could find a T-Rex sporn site then I would spend a fortune, but none found yet.

Common scents for Dilo G2. Mostly use the ones from supply drops and stroke tower rewards though. Yet to find a reliable park for these however.

Coins. Although try to save this for offers and max out on those. Hard when 3+ Uniques/Legends all get to levelling up at the same time, but every day without fail max the supply drops so it’s not essential.

Opening battle incubators. Again as others have said, only 15 minute and 3 hour ones - the others cook unless no space left.

My personal vice… a rare incubator once a month… that’s the gambler in me for S&Gs not worth it… but fun.

Before I hit L20 I did as many level up offers as possible. These are so worth it.

Once I did a premium incubator. Never again as others have said.

Epic incubators a few times. Just too unreliable. Not at all worth it.

Halloween incubator was great. Darts + scents for excellent creatures. Raptor scents were very much worth it too for levelling up indo and I bought a few Stego scents for stego and tuo but gave up pretty wick as they weren’t as good as Christmas scents. Christmas scents again EXCELLENT for Stego and Draco - got my stegod to L30 with 15 of these, rather than the actual Stego scents.

If I could find a way of getting T-Rex that would replace rare scents in my top spend.



Based on advices, seems scents is the best option if u can get to the right place.
But how u guys go about all these locations hunting diff dinos if they r miles apart?
I cannot imagine how tiring it will be to be at A today and B and C every other places in diff days…
Sino is like irritator, i don’t see them except events, don’t even know which scent to use to get them…


The zones are approximately 2 miles (3 Kilometers) square. They go in order from south to north… L1, L2, L3, L4, L1… West to East they go back and forth. L1, L3, L1, L3… or L2, L4, L2, L4…

L4 | L2 | L4 | L2
L3 | L1 | L3 | L1
L2 | L4 | L2 | L4
L1 | L3 | L1 | L3


Do you run your scent for teno near a bank like the list says?

You don’t have any restaurants near you for trex? For me I have a Harvey’s and Arby’s beside each other at an intersection. The parking lots there always have Allo, Tarbo and usually Trex gen 2 and Gorgo which covers the list with the exception of Trex. I have probably caught 50 percent of my trex’s here. I have not tried an epic scent here yet but I assume I will get some Trex with it when I try,

The next intersection from there has a McDonalds that always has Allo and Tarbo at it. I have caught a lot of Trex here as well but not as many as the previous place I just mentioned.


First off tjis game is ment to be played while in a vehicle regardless of what starlord tells you… spawns are way to spread out to make hunting on foot your only way of hunting passenger in a car is best. Taking a bus around a city if viable is another good way.

Get a mentap map of your area so you best know where you need to be use the following common to identify zones.

L1= most common majunga = sino/kentro
L2= most common eino= ourano/pyroraptor
L3= diplo= mono/erlick
L4= suchomimus= anky/raja

Keep in mind zones are pretty small if you see a bunch of majunga then start seeing sucho you just went from an l1 to an l4…


Yes, i do hunting mostly when going and back work…so unable to really understand how that L1-4 works as i see everything on my way…
I actually see Trex quite often and have so many DNA (13000+) now but no Velo… :joy:


That means your going through multiple zones… identifying which zones are which a crucial to using scents properly say you want sino and dilo your going to want to use your scent in an l1 where majunga and dienos are the commons.


Also velo is a night spawn and around me atleast has been spawning way more then before… during the day you can also find them at bus stops


Yes, will observe closely from now to know where the possible nest are…
But using scents when travelling doesn’t work right? I want to get sino…irritator which i don’t see them at all…


Irritator is an arena exclusive so outside of event he can only be found in incubators from arenas and power up strikes.

If your desperate for irritator dropping down to badlands is an option… less dna per incubator but a better chance of getting irritator

I dont like using scents in a vehicle cause while you get double spawns like while on foot, you can only dart one of the dinos. While rare i have gotten double epic spawns before off epic scents…


Personally, I have all the borders memorized within a 10 mile radius of where I live


In my area is maybe a little diff to map out the radius.
I can see allo almost everywhere and irritator G2, but i do notice some places where dracorex G2 spawns like crazy, and majun…and some commons…
Most epics i get from wild are the bleeders, most epic that i get now is Baryonyx, when it was so rare previously…is there a pattern on the spawn types?