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What unique are good to have

I need help figuring out what unique are actually good

10 characters

CompyC, Sr3, giminitian, skoona, mammolania, monorino, ardentismaxima, dioraja, Entelonia, erlicospyx, megnapyrritator, tento, tryko, utha.

I can get tenotorex but just need to level up tenotosaursus I can make the rajakalasaurus hybrid but need more rajasaurus Compy I won’t be able to make for a while cause I don’t even have compy unlocked same for purrasaurs to make srg3 and the rest I don’t know

Oh and manapyrittator I have a lot of trouble finding Pyraptor and irrtator

Antarcto (good against Magnus), Maxi, CompC, Dio, Entelo, Spyx, Gemini. Grypo, Magna, Mammo, Monolo, Orion (situational but is still pretty good), Scorp3, Skoona, Nemys, Tenrex, Thor (though replaceable if you have Mortem), Tryko, Utah

I’m working toward Thor now. should I get indoraptor and proceratops cause I’m really close to starting on them

You can use Indoraptor until you get to Aviary, then drop it for something better. Proceratops I think it’s Dracoceratosaurus, right? I won’t recommend it at all. Dracoceratops is better.

Ok thanks everyone

Funnily enough this would be 10 characters if u spelt quetzorion correctly hahaha


Toura, thor, gem, and ardentis are good unique raiders that come to mind, since everyone else has listed pvp bois, thought why not list some raid ones

thor, indoraptor, mammolania, gemini, ardentis, utarinex, magnapyritor, tryko, erlikospyx, dioraja, skoonasaurus, compsocaulus, scorpius gen 3, tenontorex, monolorhino, erlidominus, quetzerion

Smilo is good,
But I’m :pray: the recent data mine ain’t accurate, apparently one creature with R&R is getting the phos treatment :joy:
Here are some others
scorp G3, Tenoto, grypo, mammolania, Monorhino and Gemini.

Scorp g3 is a very good cunning

could sweep mortem