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What unique should be my first: Indorraptor or Erlidominus?

I have the following amounts of DNA:
• Rex (lvl 15) 2,000
• Indominus (lvl 20): 200
• Raptor (lvl 15): 30,000
• Erliko (lvl 20): 100

I can already create the Indorraptor or wait and get Erliko’s DNA for the Erlidominus (I estimate about 1,500-2,000) in the Sanctuary would be about 20 days.

Personally I prefer the Erlidominus and wait, because the Indorraptor does not convince me. What is your opinion?

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Now that Indoraptor is very solid, the choice is more difficult. But alas, Erlidom is still better, so I’d advise going for that.

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Interestingly, my first unique was indoraptor. Mainly because it was the one I wanted to make first because of the movies. In this instance, since you’re willing to wait, I’d say erlidom. It’ll be well worth it. She’s a force to be reckoned with.


I would have gone Erlidom first, but Erlik is a serious grind. The components for Indo were far easier … which is why that’s my only unique at this time.


If i had the dna, I’d make erlidom now. Alas, the only time i can get to a local 2 is when I’m working and i shouldn’t be playing phone games. The sanctuaries wouldn’t really help. I’d get 1 fuse every 4 days. If only I darted her more during the early iterations of the game. She spawned regularly near my house.

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Multiple factors are at play here to consider…

A indo is significantly easier to level in boost 2.0 world that matters.

Level 21 erlis are rat fodder without boosts.

2000 erliko dna may not be enough to create at 200 per fuse… just something to be aware of.

Erli is a better option… but it has its own downsides.

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Erlidomimus is better, but Indoraptor is easier to get. I have an Indoraptor myself, which is a good Dino, but I’m currently working towards erlidomimus which is a really strong Dino. It will be worth it when I get it, but it’s a very long grind…

If you want to get a unique quickly, go for Indoraptor, if you can wait and want to get a really powerful Dino first, go for erlidom.

I have just started to create Erli

Depends on what type of dinos you meet often in arenas you battle in. Indo has dsr which is always good against armor dinos. If you lack chompers in your team, it’s a good option to have.