What unique to get

I’m just a very casual jwa player trying to get indotaurus and i think its too much effort is there any easier ones my username is Evilswinub123

Indoraptor is the easiest Unique to get, although it’s not really good.

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Go for scorp gen 3
Don’t do Indoraptor or Erlidominus

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Why not erlidominus? I don’t have him, but I think he’s good

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I agree. I have him and he’s not the best.

Thoradolosaur is also bad as well. I honestly prefer his hybrid component the allosinosaurus over him

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Thor has a great use in raids that Allosino will never have though.


I would say in terms of shear damage Allosino wins but in terms of output Thor wins with having the rampage. Thor is also far more versatile with being raid viable and having superior resistances.

Well I think the bad part is the armor. He takes more damage from other creatures than allosinosaurus does

Also allosinosaurus is slightly faster and is slightly stronger

But that’s just me. I honestly think that Ludia should give him armor like allosinosaurus, also maybe make him stronger and faster, then I’d think more of him

While Allosino is indeed faster (which makes no sense), I’ll have to disagree with the “stronger” part.
While yes, it has a slightly higher attack stat, Thor has more damage output because of the rampage, which Allosino lacks, and a higher crit chance to deal a higher ammount of damage. Allosino has the stats, but Thor has the explosive power, making it more viable damage-wise.

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I would recommend going for scorp gen 3 or compsacaulus. Both are great, especially scorpius rex gen 3.

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I want to get a easy unique and it being really good and if you’re ever curious NO I AM NOT WORKING ON LEGENDARIES THANK YOU VERY MUCH

orion is one that takes a little effort, but will carry you for so long. (i still use mine after a whole year of progress) If you want an easy one, thor is very popular cause you can just throw speed boosts on it and just win. A few other easy options are dio, grypoly, and depending on how much haast eagle you have, poukan. A solid and insanely easy option is dracoceratosaurus, cause its just 3 global dinos

If you’re looking for easy Uniques to obtain, Diorajasaur, Indoraptor, Erlidominus, Diloracheirus, Thoradolosaur, Erlikospyx, Smilonenemys, Quetzorion, Dracoceratosaurus, and Utarinex are all excellent choices.

They won’t exactly get you into Nublar Shores and Gryosphere Depot, or probably deep into the upper ranges of Lockwood Library for that matter, but they will carry you long enough for you to start working on the more powerful, harder to obtain Uniques and Apexes.

Thor in particular is one of the most Raid viable creatures in the game, second to Tuoramoloch, and Diorajasaur and Diloracheirus can also be useful in Raids; and it helps of course that Diorajasaur is needed for Ankylos Lux.

Yeah but it doesn’t make him better compared to other uniques. He still would get beaten pretty easily by other uniques. Even Gaming Beaver said it himself that Thoradolosaur is bad.

Entelolania is never talked about, but if it had stun resistance, it would obliterate most fierce. It’s my favorite underdog since it’s meant to be boosted with lots of speed and some DMG. My initial favorite dino was Scorp G3, then Entelolania. Phorurex, Parasauthops, and Hydra boa are my absolute favorites, but a speedy Entelolania is solid.

Entelolania beats Skoona, Testa, cunnings (flocks included), MagnaP & Thor if played right, etc. Whenever Lania has her devastation ready, it’s GG if the opponent doesn’t take her down the next turn. Being set up with the devastation after a persistent ferocious strike is pretty nasty! My Entelolania does 8k DMG after the DMG boost.

Mine is lvl 27 with 26 boosts. 6 HP, 8 DMG, 12 SPEED. I might put another 2-4 boosts into DMG, but I am waiting to see if anything else comes out that can eventually replace her. She’s still one of my best dinos. My team isn’t completely meta, but it does have some meta dinos involved.

Phorurex lvl 30, Scorp gen 3 lvl 30, Entelolania lvl 27, Hydra boa lvl 26, parasauthops lvl 26, diorajasaur (placeholder) lv 25, Indotaurus (placeholder) lvl 24, Skoonasaurus lvl 24 (placeholder)

I intend to replace Indotaurus with Ardontognathus. Diorajasaur could be replaced with Ankylos Lux, but I am really just waiting to see if any of the newer dinos will be a good enough replacement to swap Dio and Skoona. They put in some massive work. They’re my Kamakazi dinos. I spam the resilient moves with those since many people swap to Scorp Gen 3 to counter those dinos. Perfect tactic.

See even a Entelolania, which is a resilient, can kill him if you do it right, that’s how bad he is

Never said he was better compared to other Uniques, I just stated that he is better than Allosino, it’s obvious that Thor is nowhere near being part of the best.