What unique to get

He’s just not a good Dino their are better ones to get. Sure he’s got the rampage, but their are better Dino’s to get, moreover fierces. Something like a Trykosaurus or even a Indominus Rex would be better to get than a Thoradolosaur, because with the indominus, you at least have the cloak which can do a ton more damage than a Thoradolosaur. Also he suck compared to the creatures I fight in the arena. So in my opinion, not worth getting.

I would like you to revisit my comment and find where I said Thor was a better fierce than other Uniques. Thor is worth getting if you want it for raids, as he is the main damage dealer in 95% of Apex and Unique strats. For arena he isn’t viable, but for raids he is a monster.

Well I’m not saying he’s bad in raids I’m saying he’s bad against other players and stuff

Also I don’t do raids a lot and if I do, they are the weaker ones so I don’t even get to see what he’s like. That’s probably the reason why I think he’s bad, because I don’t get to use him in the one thing he’s good at, which is raids, instead I use him against other players, which he’s not good against

Thor is AMAZING for raids - probably the best fierce for raids ATM. Not the best in the arena, but a MUST for fast strats and raids in general.


Probably because my alliance members are weak. Most of them don’t even have one legendary, and the ones that do don’t have a lot, while i have a ton of legendaries and two uniques. After hearing that, it sounds like I need to be in a stronger alliance.

I like GamingBeaver as much as any other YouTuber but I would not look to him for advice regarding a creature’s viability in PvP, especially since he doesn’t really pay all that much attention to the ebb and flow of the meta while a lot of us veteran players here on the forums do.

Thor isn’t the monster it once was (mostly because it has been completely overtaken by the Apexes and newer Fierce Uniques), but I wouldn’t even remotely consider it a bad creature, by any margin whatsoever.


I have a question on what unique I should get myself. I’m working on tenrex because it’s the easiest to get rn

It’s still bad in pvp and you can’t change that

It’s better in raids than pvp

And just because you say it’s bad doesn’t mean it actually is.

Bro just keep on grinding for indotaurus a lot of the dinos mentioned here aren’t as good as it. Besides Scorp gen 3, indotaurus is a solid unique to grind for and it’s better to focus on a Dino you’re interested in Thant going for uniques in general. Keep up the work and you’ll be okay. I’m a pretty casual player yet I have most of the uniques and most of the apex’s in the game currently. Don’t be disheartened by a time limit especially if you’re a casual player. The grind is worth it trust me

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Thanks mate