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What was everyone's first Legendary?

Scapho best legendary…i love scapha

Shuno from a year ago the bracketed tournament

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That was last year? Damn.

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Yeah it’s crazy

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me too before they chaged it.

Mhm. I had basically every dino unlocked within the first year of this game being out.

I got a legendary Unaysaurus from a daily missions pack

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First was Prio, way back in early 2019 lol

my first legendary was, from the aquatic ones, ammonite, from the terrestrial ones, I think Ichthyostega or pterodactylus, and from the cenozoic thylacosmilus


Welcome to the Forum, @Spinosaurus130!

Welcome to the forums from me too! :partying_face:

Mine was a unaysaurus

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