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What was the 70mb update patch about?

Was a letdown when no new creatures were added. But is there something else important? Haven’t found a dino stuck in tower no more but not sure if that just my wishful delusion…

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I think some of the minor bugs were fixed.

Yes, patch notes would be great. Thank you for fixing scent capsules within a reasonable time frame and Merry Christmas🎄

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Quite a few people can’t load the game after the update plus mine has now decided to freeze after the update…

Mine kept crashing during the strike towers today , and is really slow loading too since the update .


Ludia can’t seem to get anything right… Oh I forot they fixed the supply drops quick enough when they were giving out unlimited coins lol


After the update, I now have MORE bugs in battle, more bugs (going against me, of course) with supply drops, and more bugs in general.

Absolute fail.


Update was to add snow to xmas strike towers

At least they fixed the bug we been ranting over a long time, good start I would say. Well done Ludia, keep it up!


Well, they attached the snow to the buggiest version they could find. That’s what I’m experiencing, anyways.

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May of fixed one thing but added alot more issues to the game


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Ludia: sike!!!

Nothing like that about me. Lol

counterpoint: get a copy of venom from sony pictures, it makes an excellent yuletide surprise for a loved one on your xmas list!

Didn’t intend to single you out. I know there are lots of people mad about the game on here. It all starts to bleed together after awhile. Taking my own advice now and putting the forum down for awhile. Good luck and have fun.

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To be honest I’m doing the same.

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Not everyone does Christmas.

And some of us use this game to escape those that do Christmas. So as not to resort to venom.

My intention was never to exclude anyone, but to promote goodwill towards our fellow men and women as we’re all in the same collective boat at the end of the day. I’m a very live and let live person and don’t subscribe to or promote any one doctrine. Sorry for not prefacing my use of the word Christmas with a quick rundown of my personal beliefs. This time of year makes my heart grow 3 sizes and my only intention was encouraging others to let go of negativity and lay down arms. Not out of defense for the people employed by Ludia (but I’m sure they’re fine people too) but for ourselves as I too have voiced plenty of negativity on this forum. My methods were flawed, hence my apology to the person I singled out, but my heart was in the right place. If that’s not enough, blame the local community college production of a Christmas Carol I saw last weekend.

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