What was the most fun battle you ever had?

Here, take a break from the meta and tell me the best battle you ever had.

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With Players or Event battles?

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This is still meta related (sadly) BUT I always find it fun when your opponent is trying to flex or destroy you with their dracorat, and insisting on koing you with the swap in move when they could absolutely have easily defeated you with a regular move from something else. And it ultimately fails for them because somehow they dont take resistances and armor into account and the rat goes bye bye.

A non meta related battle I kept running into a long time ago was someone who had an all raptor team and they were always a breath of fresh air. This was in lower Estate over a year ago.


What is wrong with you?! Weird… hope that isn’t true :sweat_smile:


Most fun id have to say that my unboosted testa taking down magnus, molorhino, and draco and bringing me back from being down 2-0 lol unfortunately probably says more about testa than the swappers lol

Ludia battles in a nutshell


This was fun for me: such savages!

Two come to mind.
Amethyst who at the time was the world #1.
I lost 2-3 with an inferior team but it felt GOOD.
The other was vs Safan.
Our teams were evenly matched and there was no swap in stuff yet and we both took our time and though out our moves.
He beat me, but it was a great match.
Not so fun but good battles?
A guy named BOX who just plain out played me with a F2P team.
Never beat him and if he ever comes back it’s my goal to beat him.

Any of my battles back during 1.5, or maybe 1.7… can’t recall exactly which iteration it was that was my favorite.

I liked the Lord Lytrhonax tower. I had so much fun with it.

Any battle prior to draco, swap-in meta and boosts….

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