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What was the point of all this?

Two weeks ago a video shook up the community. Poke Fodder released a single video only about two people quitting and complaining about how bad this game got. A huge, hot heated discussion began on the GP-server if all that was just a cry for attention of drama queens, an alarming sign to Ludia about the state of the game or some entirely different thing… GP made it a topic in one of their articles too.

And now those players have apparently returned and found their fun again as if nothing happened.

What happened here? It did not even last two weeks for them to quit and they have returned to AP too. For how big of an issue this got or rather was made by some people there should be some explanation now. The people responsible for the public appearence and content of this game created something with that and this should be answered.

Do not count this as a personal attack on any player, alliance or else. Everything they do is highly appreciated and of value for the community. Keep it friendly and respectful :slight_smile:


Happy Cake Day! Also curious about what’s going on. If they’ve returned that’s great, but also sort of anticlimactic.


Happy Birthday


Only they can answer why they returned so fast but Ludia has attempted to change things to fit with their concerns.

Whether it be the 2 min timer, better arena stability or just fixing II. Ludia did make changes and perhaps that was enough for them to return.

Or this game is just too addictive.


I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that timer fixes and the II went from “Working as intended” to “Okay, yeah. We messed up and are trying to fix it.”
Game is still broke, but instead of taking months Ludia went into damage control quick.
But I wish they would quit more often just to be on the safe side.
Keep in mind I dont have a clue and I’m speculating just like everyone else.

More speculation… but I’d also add in the trophy changes as well. I was under the Impression that they were battling timeouts + shores timers to get into a match they would win a max of 20 or lose 40 trophies. So even with all the other broken things this is a pretty big difference from their perspective.

And I don’t think it was a coincidence at all… how long has this stuff been like it was? I know it was like this when I quit 6 months ago. So seems an odd coincidence Ludia to fix it mid major patch.

I also think us other players are placing some unfair expectations on them as well. What’s the real issue here? They should have stayed quit longer so Ludia would fix more? I mean that sounds great. But at the end of the day this is just a game to be enjoyed. They haven’t been elected to any kind of position where it’s their duty to make the game better for everyone.

I also wish “they quit more” it got Ludia to make changes and possibly come to the table for further negotiations. I don’t expect Ludia to do a complete 180 on their policies. But I don’t think it’s fair to expect them to quit more just for the sake of the game if they still love to play the game.

Those top two players were likely just taking a break from the game because the arena then (2 weeks ago) was virtually unplayable for them. I did write an article about it for GP 2 weeks ago but that’s outdated already and nobody should read it anymore because ludia listened to the community and fixed those issues silently. The point wasn’t intended for anyone to seek attention, but to prove that roughly 50% of the game being unplayable makes it hard to enjoy the game back then, I think that’s why IDGT and PT did what they did.


Maybe they were on vacation?