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What was your first hybrid

Mine was the alangasaurus and I sadly lost my level 40 alanqa and majungasaurs lmao.


I believe that Indom was my first hybrid. I made her back when all the first gen hybrids were released, back in 2015. I pretty much made every hybrid back then, so I have no certain order otherwise.

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My first one was alangasaurus and labyrinthosaurus…both at the same time

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labyrinthosaurus and now it is lvl 40

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Alangasaurus. I remember right after I fused it, I got the have 3 Dinos at lvl 40 mission and I only had one, trike because I fused the other 2 and I was so annoyed

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Alangasaurus, Labyrinthosaurus followed soon afterward

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diplotator and then alanga

Thinking of making indominus
Shall i make it ?

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Sure, but don’t level it up too much for your teams of Dino’s.

I wasted my majungasaurus and and alanqa to get alangasaurus because i forgot you lose your dinosuar when fusing a hybrid

Alangasaurus and Tropeogopterus were my firsts. I got Tropeogopterus right after getting a level 40 Alangasaurus.

Labyrinthosaurus and strangely enough metrialong. I still haven’t maxed my metrialong…


In my old game it was either indominus or tropeogopterus.

My current game It was stegoceratops I think.