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What was your first Legendary?

I’m nearing enough DNA to create my first Legendary dino. Curious as to what everyone’s first was.


Indominus rex was my first.

Mine was also Indominus Rex.

Stegodeus then Indominus second


No one so far. Closest to enough DNA is however Paramoloch.

I-rex, stegod, giga, utahsino, spinotasuchus… (respectively)

… way back when apatasaurs were everywhere


I created my stegod and trago on the same day. They are my first legendaries.

Indo rex was my 1st legendary then stegodeus,tragodistis,megalosuchus,rajakylo and monostegotops…currently working on tryostronix

Stegodeus. He is still my favorite. He’s like my spirit animal, lol.

My first Legendary Hybrid was Stegodeus, followed by Tragodistis, and after that, Indominus Rex.

My first was Stegodeus and my 2nd was I believe Indominus rex!

Mind sharing what legendary you are nearing to creating?

Id say based on easy of creation, its probably either Stegodeus, Monolometrodon or maybe Indominus rex since a lot of raptors with the Halloween scents!

But hey I may be totally wrong :smiley:

My closest ones currently are Monolometrodon, Monomimus, and Alankylosaurus.

i-rex has a lot :cherries:
mine too

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Mine is Stegodeus, then Indominus Rex, Monolometrodon, Tragodistis, Paramoloch, Monostegotops, Megalosuchus. My Pyrritator is 12 DNA from completion.

Indom was the first followed by paramolach

Funny my Pyrritator is 17 away from completion lol.

I just cant find ANY Pyroraptors outside of events :roll_eyes:

I have enough Pyroraptor DNA, just waiting for Irritator DNA from incubators.

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First was paramoloch, pyrritator second and last one for now :sweat_smile:

My 1st was Stegodeus followed by Indominus Rex.