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What was your first tournament legend and your first VIP legend?

me it was segnosaur and hyaenodon, I think his two creatures are just splendid!



Ceratosaurus (Prize Wheel) and Thylacosmilus (10K pack).

Segnosaurus (Bracketed tournament) and Acrocanthosaurus (10K pack).

for my segnosaur it was the same but I had not unlocked it :sob:

Hainosaurus 10K pack

and for the legendary tournament?

Haven’t got one yet

But I made a thread about everyone’s first normal legendary

I know, I wanted to do a thread on the legendary VIPs and tournaments, because it feels good to have an overpowered dino!

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My first Vip creature was Hainosaurus from the Vip packet. My first tournament legend (and so far the only one) is Bananogmius from the bracketed tournament. It was my first tournament victory.

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If only I could remember :rofl:

congratulations, if you upgrade it to level 40, you will get an alongmius!

Segno/mastodon dont know which was first and mastodonsaurus

Tupuxuara, and vip kentrosaurus, yes that it was a vip😒

how many do you have? I have 14 tournament legendaries, (triceratops gen2, antarctopelta, segnosaur, suchodus, woolly rhinoceros, edmontosaur, tupuxuara, sphenacodon, metriacanthosaurus, brachiosaurus, kaprosuchus gen 2, kentrosaur, I erlikosaur and euclado) … and ai 12 (hyaenodon, bronthoter, concavenator, acrocanthosaurus, tylosaurus, giant hortoceras, eudimorphodon, tanycolagreus, Mastodonsaurus, prestosuchus, eolambia and henodus.

That’s the stupid part of it. When I won the tournament I was below Lvl. 40. That means I only have one copy of Bananogmius. I haven’t unlocked in. But he’s still extremely strong and my best cavern.

the same for segno … I would longer have a segnosuchus :sob:

My first legendary VIP in my old account was Eolambia.
In this tale there is the Acrocanthosaurus!
I have never found a tournament legend! :sob:

woolly mammoth in 2017 and orthacanthus in 2016

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Brachiosaurus and Henodus.

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