What we know about hero rooms

Anyone found out something about hero rooms?
When/why do they appear?
They stay until they are opened.
I got a maximum of 6 unopened hero rooms at the same time.
The rewards increases as you progress in the play mode.
Anything else someone can share?

Here’s what I think I know:

  • Hero rooms, unlike secret rooms, are exclusive to Challenges; they do not appear in campaign/story mode.

  • If you do not open a Hero room, the room is still there on subsequent runs of that same challenge. It will be available again on the same # fork, no matter what directions you take in previous forks.

  • The Treasure rewards from a Hero room are exclusive to the required hero (plus some gold), and are scaled to one (or both?) of the following:
    – The lv requirement to open the room
    – The level of the encounter (i.e. how deep in what challenge you are).
    – EDIT: It seems Zasz is correct, the rewards are tied to where you are in the main campaign

  • Hero rooms are generated every 48 hours, at the same time as the loot for the challenge is changed. Hero rooms that are not opened will disappear at this time.
    – EDIT: This seems to be false.

  • After the room/reward changeover, It’s worthwhile to do a deep run of all challenges you have available, to check for Hero rooms.

  • Hero rooms can appear with any lv restriction; ATM, I think I have a lv 13 Cleric one unopened in Harvestfield.
    – EDIT: LV restrictions do appear to be tied to how deep you are in the challenge.

  • Hero rooms never appear at the same time as a secret room.

Please feel free to expand on or contest my assertions!

Thanks for the answer.
From what I know,

  • The rewards in the chests aren’t based on the required lvl, but where you are at in the play mode (the rewards stopped increasing when i finished play mode). I got approximatly the same thing from lvl 3 and lvl 13 rooms.
  • My rooms haven’t reset yet. I’ve had some rooms for a lot.more than 48 hours.
  • The level restriction is based on how many bosses you’ve cleared in the challenge. (Before the first boss in harvestshield, the rooms are lvl 10 if i recall correctly and in room 6 and 7, they are lvl 13, in the heartcoil deep, they are lvl 14. After 2 bosses in the mines, the rooms are lvl 11 and they are lvl 13 after 3 bosses)

Yup, I think your 3 points are correct. I now have no idea when (or if) the Hero rooms reset.

I must say, I really like them. They’re a little bit of variety and really good payout; I’m getting a good hunk of gold and a handful of Epic items.

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Interesting bit of data: Tonight my Hero rooms for one challenge regenerated, but they did not for another.

In Sharpstone, I had exhausted my Hero rooms; I’ve been playing that one for the past few days and had no new hero rooms. Tonight, however, I go in and got 2 fresh Hero rooms; both were under the room #25 mark (13 and 15 I think).

I then went into Harvestfield and observed that the same Hero rooms that I’ve been unable to open for a while now are still there, in the exact same place, with the exact same hero/lv requirement.

I didn’t check the Mines yet, but I suspect and hope that when I do, i’ll find some fresh Hero rooms waiting for me.

Current theory:
Once a week (Saturday night at 9:00 PM ADT, same time as the store deals regenerate), challenges where at least one Hero room has been exhausted will have 2 fresh Hero rooms placed in them; unopened Hero rooms are lost.

I say “at least one” because it’s quite possible that a player has been able to open one room, but not another, and will not be able to open the 2nd for a while. They also might not be strong enough to even reach a 2nd Hero room; in Sharpstone, I’m only strong enough to make it up to room 25. Replacing this 2nd one thus makes sense to let the player eventually have rooms that they will be able to open.

Oh, and I say 2 Hero rooms because I don’t think I’ve seen more than 2 in a challenge. I could be wrong though, having merely not been able to reach a 3rd.

I had been hoping that on the night of September 22nd (the Saturday night closest to the 19th), a new batch of hero rooms would appear. I had theorized that they were one a one-month cycle, but it looks like that might not be the case (especially since it’s actually been 5 weeks).

So, it appears they don’t regenerate after 4 or 5 weeks. Maybe 6 or 8 weeks? I would hope that we don’t have to wait longer than a solid 2 months before getting a new batch of Hero rooms.

My rooms never changed until i open them.

It would be real nice if the Hero rooms did update after a time…30-45 days or something.
I’ve got a level 13 room for a hero I never play and probably wont. I’m not suggesting they refresh every week, but maybe after a month it would be nice.

Hello, i finaly reached Tommus lvl 10 and i had 2 hero rooms that needed him lvl 10 to enter, one was in frostsilver mines and the other in hidden forge. I entered frostsilver mines and completed it and when i entered hidden forge, the room wasn’t there! Neither is the hero room for Shevarith that was on the next fork (lvl 11 requirement). Anyone has a clue on that?