What we really want for updates

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I wanted to do a survey with 6 valuable people in my alliance, to see what they thought of the monthly updates. these 6 people represent the entire forum so to speak, all gice the same question I wanted to do this “survey” as a result of what happened in 2.3, since the changes were not pleasant. To carry out this survey, I put aside my opinion and annoyances. With nothing more to say, let’s start:

  1. Swagedy @Swagyedi

It does not bother him that there are updates every month, but if they focus (he refers in general) in his own words, he prefers that more monthly updates are correcting errors and updates of creatures

His thinking against the new hybrids is not very far from everyone’s opinion, aesthetically they look good, but they are not worth it for pvp

  1. Hanhan

I realized that one thing that bothers many is the constant change of creatures in each update (players have a month to occupy it without discomfort) it is not pleasant to do your best for a month so that later you have a nerf (ipotetic case)

On the other hand, he states that a solution would be “Update with changes in the meta, reboot stats boost”

  1. Ryder

Something that bothers many of us, is the imbalance in the arena, it is dominated by the stats boost and that ruins the game in a certain part, that’s exactly what Ryder wants, to balance it out as he pointed out to me that the Raids saved the game from getting repetitive

  1. Nightwolf

He would like the updates to focus on bug fixes (an update only and exclusively for bug fixies) quite significant errors such as rounding of damage and let it only balance as needed

  1. JK4life

he doesn’t have an apparent problem, but he still likes new creatures

  1. Givaflames

like the 5th, it has no relevant problems, but it did make me notice the little usefulness of recent hybrid creatures, since they do not work well in pvp. He would like the next update to focus on bug fixies … and … Smilonemys buff



people first of all prefer sand balance corrections, bug fixies, creatures updates and last but not least, new creatures, raids etc. Although we know that it is a big game and that it can happen to anyone, ludia can take importance as a result of threads like this, focused on suggesting or “helping them what people want”.
a little help, @E.D @Ned :smile:

In my opinion, I like the new creatures, hybrids and raids, but I feel very forced, they should take your time, I’m sure people will understand, but if they asked me what I would like to see added to the game … It would be a translator already incorporated (I am Latin American and it is difficult to understand my alliance)

And you, what would be your ideal update?


I feel like the constant additions of raids and dinos and hybrids are not necessary at all and ludia is just making them to keep ppl in the game. Imo it makes no sense to keep adding those because it is unmanageable. They should focus on fixing the already known bugs and make the game a better experience. Also, they shouldn’t make such drastic creature changes, because it ruins the game for everyone. At this point we basically have to level all the stuff to 30 and just boost whatever works, which doesn’t really make sense. If you keep adding creatures, we will get to a point, where we cannot keep track of all the creatures and their hybrids and it will be impossible to get the dna you want.

Boosts, bugs and overall experience of playing the game is what you should focus on, Ludia, not adding new unusable stuff every month and nerfing the meta into the ground.


i am a simple man all i want is a smilonemys buff and an indoraptor rework, do what you want to the rest of the game

Mostly, competent balancing decisions, 2.1 was the most balanced we had been since boosts were added (at least in the arena), Nitro Thors were annoying, yet casuals could beat them, Max and Tryko were nerfed but still entirely usable, and nothing felt OP, at least from an Aviary prospective. Tourneys were unbalanced, Rhino and Pho were annoying, but I found myself having fun playing them, and even scored Top150 once. 2.1 was personally my favorite one we’ve had so far


100% agree.

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  1. Fix all bugs
  2. Make sure creatures are balanced
  3. Give hybrids to creatures that don’t have them
  4. And most importantly: GIVE. ME. AQUATICS !!!

Honestly, I feel like I don’t care about bugs or balance issues as much as aquatics. Pleeeeease!!!

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Therizinosaurs and sonoragamma
and anomalocaris and its apex counterpart “Anomaly 404”

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