What We Want In JWA Part 2

-Rarity’s for emotes, just a fun addition

-Customizable sanctuary’s and more reasons in general for sanctuary’s

-Ways for leaders to benefit active members in their alliance

-Arena Blocks, once a person gets in an arena they can’t go back down: but can still loose Trophies or they can go down arenas when they go down they just play NPC’s


Aquatics and a new Arena system for them.

More prehistoric creatures and less new hybrids.

Something else we can do with creatures other than sancuaries and the Arena. We have all these creatures but most never get used. I often wish we had something more story driven we could do with them.


All I need to say is Styracosaurus. Please add it! I’ve said it many times in thr real


The map lag fixed being the biggest priority.
More ways for F2Ps to be able to grind without feeling way behind on things.
Boost tokens to be a thing again and not just that 1 alliance championship that they were in.
The game needs to be better. What was once less of an RNG fest before flocks were introduced is now more of an RNG fest as well as more of a paying advantage. Things like Imperato and Rexy now exist. Not that the problem itself is that they exist but the problem is that it’s able to be obtained by real money and MAINLY by that source with hardly any way for the f2p players to obtain them. Sure it’s meant to be a grind but players shouldn’t feel like they are way behind from the rest, even if they’re working just as hard as other paying players


Agreed on aquatics. Also things we need

  • expansion on the missing rarities in certain rigs
  • adding of missing canon creatures like ceratosaurus, corythosaurus, mamenchisaurus, atrociraptor and moros
  • potential remodel/new gen for pyroraptor, oviraptor, dimetrodon and quetzalcoatlus
  • new arenas
  • ways to use swap in mechanics in raids since some have group abilities
  • more exclusive creature rotation changes

Megalosuchus buff, or Apex hybrid.


Fix the lag. Then stop using Rexy to milk us. The price of the scent in the shop is a joke when you cant even get a 0.0000001 chance to even spawn Rexy again with 1 scent. Same with the lack of Rexy in the anniversary scents

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We don’t really need less hybrids, we need less broken hybrids couph couph argenteryx

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Revert daily missions to how they were. :kissing_heart: