What were the first dinos when JWA was released?

I assume velociraptor and rex were in there. Can’t have a Jurassic game without them.

apatosaurus, majunda… maybe ankylo…
can’t remember, i was here since worldwide release, but not sure what dinos since that.

do we have release notes? :eyes:

This contains the worldwide release https://jurassic-world-alive.fandom.com/wiki/Version_history but it says “New Creatures” so what were the starters that were there from the beginning though?

the first 3 you could choose from were
velo, majung and einiasaurus.

I remember dimetrodon being int he game from early on.


What about Blue and her pack? Were they in early on?

I remember Trykosaurus being the only unique back then (I think it was the only unique)


Blue and her pack didn’t come in for some time. I think Blue came first as an event creature. That was after the AMC theater sponsorship. I can’t remember if her pack was event as well or just wild spawns. they were released around the same time.

Interesting choice of unique, although they already had Indoraptor as a canon hybrid.

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I think indoraptor came in later. It had cloak, but then they removed it eventually, then it came back, then they put Evasive stance on it

https://jurassic-world-alive.fandom.com/wiki/Indoraptor according to the info here “This creature was added to the game in the Worldwide Release version.”

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Yes but they were useless until they got hybrids

I didn’t know it was in the game for a long time. Only knew when they did the first event for it. Stupid thing was buggy as all get out and could only be found in parks.

I remember I’ve found a Charlie during the first month I’ve started playing (April last year). Unlocked her the first darting session.

Also they had apata, stego , most ambimbs, rexes, indo, utterainex, utahsino

I remember the AMC theater thing, I thought it was amazing getting my first legendary DNA from it.

That was the best. Too bad you couldn’t go to another AMC to get more.

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I also remember the first time they started the green supply drop attempts. I darted Indoraptor and got an awesome 37 DNA :sweat_smile:
I got bored with the game after that and it used quite a bit of data, so I deleted it. Came back in March last year and haven’t regretted it since.