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What Were you Doing When Maintenance Mode Kicked In?

Me and my buddies were mid-raid. Shame, as we had him on the ropes!

It’s a shame that there isn’t a way for the game to let you finish up whatever task you’re currently in.
I’d imagine it’d be extremely difficult to implement though.

Oh well, looking forward to tucking in to 2.1 later!


I was doing housework.

At least I got an 8 hour incubator going before the maintenance started.

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Just about to finish a Mammo raid.
I thought we had an hour. LOL

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They caught me in my hopes for boost reset. I am preparing my mind to forgive them this theft and carry on at the moment. Wish u all the best as well.

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2 impostors in among US

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But now i have homework :sob:

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Eating my lunch!

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How long will it take for the Maintenance break ?

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I was busy procrastinating setting off my next 3hr incubator :persevere: and not collecting my 200 Brachi DNA. Hopefully I won’t have to stay up too late now.

Well, there was a clear announcement when will the break start. That’s not Ludia’s fault, you should be prepared

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getting ready for work.

Darting a Grypo :sob:

There was clear announcement of day, not certain hour if I am not wrong.


yeah. they usually give a time when they’re gonna start. this time they didn’t.


Haven’t noticed that. It started the same hour as always tho

At work doing inspection on seats.

I was eating breakfast…

Darting a hertzathingymajig

Darting an Apato waiting for the maintenance to kick in…

It’s taking lot of time still how much I need tp wait :frowning: