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What we've just witnessed


I know things have been mentioned elsewhere, but I thought I would start a fresh thread all about this -

Ludia just fixed a glitch in about 36 hours. It was something that negatively affected them. This seems to show that they can indeed fix things… if they feel like it.

One thing I can’t wrap my head around is the often brought up ‘confirmation button’ for evolving dinos. I myself have accidentally evolved something and blew about 5 days worth of saving up. When you purchase coins with hard cash, guess what? There is a confirmation asking you if you want to do it. It is a simple thing that has to be pretty easy to do - yet they don’t. I can only conclude that they are refusing to do it because they want people to accidentally waste coins… so that maybe the will buy more.

Dinos still spawn in event towers. I have missed out on many a rare and the occasional epic because of this. I saw someone mention that the treasure chests disappear when they have been used - why not apply this to the towers? Obviously it is possible. This one I can think of no other reason than sheer laziness.

The next one is the damage preview in battle. This used to work, then it didn’t. Again, what is the issue in fixing it? Any programmers know if there is a good reason?

The last 36 hours have been quite the free for all - but alas, it ended all too quickly while issues that have plagued us for MONTHS linger on… why? It’s pretty obvious, but then again, no one who pays any close attention will ever accuse ludia of giving a :poop: about the players.

PS. On the plus side, people in the downtown business district of my town will no longer have to wonder what the he** I am doing whizzing by their places every 16 minutes on my bike, doing laps around town in a loop that took about that long to complete. haha!!


Yeah i think those who were busy working were gutted thsy couldnt do what you did. How many coins did and cash did you earn?


The point OP is making is how quickly issues can be addressed


I know but still tell us your plunder dont be a kill joy its exciting to see what others got ha


Infuriating isn’t it. They reads the posts on here. They see the complaints. They can fix them. But why fix them if they are making money from the bugs. Their priority is making money. They don’t care about any of us on hear.

@J.C @Ned

You were asked a couple of weeks ago about the cost of everything being so high. We were told you would look into it.

You also stated the company was looking in to what to do with spoofers.

Can you give us updates on both of these issues? I assuming they have been addressed if you had time to address an issue that just arouse yesterday…


I assume one line of code got nicked when they added the bows, and that’s all they had to fix. I don’t think it was a big rewrite that took much time.


Let’s just say I got a lot… and easily covered the 80K I blew with the accidental evolving. :smiling_imp:


This makes me sad I have a day job.

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Probably a little more than one line of code seeing it took 36 hours to fix…

@Rantz I enjoyed the last 36 hrs too…lol….Got the kids a treat and loaded them in the car…No catching unless it was an epic…And |I have a lot of stops…lol


I noticed since then fusing has gone back to 10s and only normal scents from the towers hahaha maybe ludia have nerfed us all for rest of the week lol


Hmmm. What did I miss? What have Ludia fixed?


They finally fixed the glitch with supply drops.


Can you break it again?


Meanwhile at Ludia HQ



A glitch that many of their customers were kind enough to point out, mind you.


:joy:. I wish.


So coins aren’t unlimited anymore? I thought it was an event feature :laughing:


I really wouldn’t doubt if they cooked up some way to recoup what they likely see as a loss…


That was me today riding all over the city collecting coins and cash :smile:

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I should of had enough to unlock Thor from tarbo in weekly had it at 90/250 got 8 10s(16000 tarbo DNA 400 allosinasaurus DNA!!) in a row fusing yesterday now at 170/250 they definitely screwed with fusing to recoup. Now I need 80 more Thor DNA and have used up 3 sino events worth of sino DNA fusing!!! Wth bring out Hogwarts already this game is a cash cow only!!!

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