What will be the creatures of January

Anyone know or have any idea which creature will be this month’s tournament reward, the creature from daily quests, and the seasonal PvP reward.

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Ludia didnt Announced it yet and no sign of Gamepress Informations…
Usually we know it days before, looks this time it will be short on time

Even Tournaments are not Announced :man_shrugging:

I feel like 2.13 release notes will come on Friday, so far we have had nothing regarding tournament or daily creature stuff. Gamepress usually has something about it by now.


Probably tomorrow since it is the start of the new weekly event.

We will probably get info on this tomorrow because of the weekly event changes

Well gamepress did leaked a while ago seasons for Argentavis, albertosaurus, bumpy and arctodus so one of them will be it. For tournament either testa due to arctovasilas or parasauthops cause he’s the only exclusive unique who didn’t had a season yet

I hope arctodus after the cervales season.

I think I’m going to claim Allo G2.
At least it’s exclusive so it’s a win either way.
Gotta love this new communication thing Ludia has going on.

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It’s a game changer indeed. :rofl: