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What will be the difference between “greater, lesser, and normal”

I am really confused what these moves will mean and how they will differ. For example, we will have: Lesser Thagomizer, Thagomizer, Greater Thagomizer

How will lesser Thagomizer differ from the normal version, and how will the normal version differ from the greater Thagomizer? There’s also many other lesser/normal/greater moves that don’t make sense to me.
Lesser Group Heal & Group Heal
Emergency Heal & Greater Emergency Heal
What will differentiate these moves? Multipliers? AoE damage? How long the effects last?
And there are probably more that I didn’t see.

The percentage it will effect the opponent, or your own team, varies.

Lesser: 30%
Normal: 50%
Greater: 75% (might be 66%, I’ll have to check)

This is obviously without taking the resistances into account.

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Wait, where did you get that info?


this update can be a math nightmare if they didn’t do a good job with that dynamic info.

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What is the cooldown and DMG of each of them, especially lesser thagomizer cause tragod got it replacing Rampage

I think they’ll all do the same debuff while jnflicting different amount of damage. Lesser - 1x Normal - 1.5x, Greater - 2x