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What will be the July creature for daily missions and PvP.. what are your guesses?

Which creature do you think they will give us on July??

Probably concavenator

I want that OP goat we had for April fools…but I think it’s going to be Scuto.
Just a feeling


Scuto would be great as apparently it’s getting a hybrid

Hopefully something useful like mammoth, knowing ludia though? probably another global epic everyone probably already has an abundance of.

Daily missions either Eucladoceros or Scuto.
PVP probably Tuoramoloch.

YoU kNoW wHaT everyone nEeDs? BaRyOnx


No no no you know what everyone needs…sinoceratops!


Battle I think I might be Rexy
And daily I might say rhino or maybe smilodon
I forgot the championship might be Dio

By that you mean either parasaurulophus or stygimoloch or tuojianga for normal but tournament I see what you mean

so true. Everybody needs some sino DNA


I mean I wouldn’t be mad though endgame players might want Kentro

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I meant like how we have Ardentismaxima for championship. Tuoramoloch would have its components and such given for tournaments.

None of you guys really said the truth… We all need either Pachy or Alanqa, since we almost never get their DNA from incubators…