What will be the modified creatures for 2.17?

With the teaser of 2.17 out we now know there will be 6 new creatures and 7 modified creatures ( buffs or nerfs). I am curious wich creatures you think and hope too get changes in 2.17. And a bigger qeustion now is…
Will Ludia pull of the Phoru move and make now most people have spend a lot of time, boosts, coins and money spend in too Rexy And Albertocevia, nerf them too the ground or make them balanced or give them no changes at all?

I think the changed creatures are
Rexy ( big nerf)
Albertocevia ( big nerf)
Utharinex ( medium buff)
Trykosaurus ( big buff
Magnapyrator ( medium buff)
Erlidominus ( small buff)
Parasauthops ( small nerf

But i hope for
Rexy ( medium nerf)
Albertocevia ( small nerf)
Utharinex ( big buff
Trykosaurus ( big buff)
Erlidominus ( big buff
Diorajasaurus ( medium buff)
Touramoloch ( medium buff)

There are 6 Creatures that will be Improved, not 7, 1 Legendary and 5 Unique, without nerfs at the moment, I know which creatures will get improvements, but I’m not going to say it, for a simple fact, that can suspend me from the forum.

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I know exactly what’s getting buffed and nerfed which I’m not saying cause I’m not wanting to get suspended

There are no nerfs

Why would either of you get suspended for something ludia themselves teased?

Because there are people like me and others, that for example before Rexy came out we had published it here and we were all suspended from the forum for publishing something that they themselves were going to announce some time later, that’s why I can’t say which creatures will get improvements.

Some people haven’t. Some people marked creatures from the datamines as spoilers before patch notes even were released to the community in the past…

I’ll like to buff these three since they’re 3 of my favorite