What will be the new features of the upcoming update

What should be New features of the upcoming update

Does anyone have any ideas for the next update

Apex In JWTG Like Mortem Rex And My Own Apex Is Ptericornia It Is Pterosaur But Not In Jwa This Is My Own And Croadasuchus This Ambhibian Like Sarcosuchus Animation. And New Resource A DNA It Means Apex Dna. New Missions For A DNA. Total Require Need Dna 100 To Unlock. This Is Weekly Hard Mission And Complete Earn 15 Or 20. And Collect 100 To Unlock And Feed Requires 10 A DNA. And 400 Dna Feed To Max Level.

dinosaur nicknames
allo g2
interact function like in jwa like play with dinos + feed them
level cap to level 105

Useless boss update😂


Don’t get too excited. Big things are very rare.

true story

Perhaps more battle phases and with it new expansions on the island.

As prizes they could place tournament creatures, so some players would have another incentive to level up, since they would not have to wait a year or more for a tournament of a specific creature.

However, I highly doubt that they will implement any drastic change from what we have now.

Given that for a few months with each update more creatures have been filtered (We have already had 13 creatures filtered, of which 3 have already arrived in the game) it does not seem that we have “impressive” or unusual creatures either, so I insist that they continue the current line with the game.

PS: In this update 58 only 2 creatures were added (there is still no trace of any amphibious hybrid, but there are carnivores and ptero


Perhaps dominion dinosaurs

What are the filtered creatures

Firstly I think it’s no good idea to grant all those illegal hackers an attention they do not deserve by encouraging members of the forum to search for their hacks.

And secondly I do not want to know what creatures we will see in future updates. I want to be surprised.

Just my personal opinion.

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You know what it’s not gonna be?

The new Amphibian Hybrid

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I believe they should add a Paleozoic bio (similar to the Cenozoic one) update and have creatures of different shapes and sizes: Ediacan like Charnia, Cambrian like Anomalocaris, Ordovician like Megalograptus, Silurian like Climatius, Devonian like Tiktaalik, Carboniferous like several invertebrates (Arthropleura, Meganeura, Pulmonoscorpius, Megarachne, Mazothairos & Aphthoroblattina) & Permian like Scutosaurus, Lystrosaurus, Inostrancevia, e.t.c.

Marine mammals, please.


I guess dominion dinosaurs.
Oviraptor, microceratus, atrociraptor, lystrosaurus, moros, dreadnoughtus and gen 2s for giga, therizinosaurus, pyroraptor, quetzalcoatlus, dimetrodon, allosaurus and nasutoceratops

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