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What will be the new Superboost Champion?

Indo Gen 2 is an obvious choice, but after this month, my moneys on Maxima

I if there has to be one Maxima is fine by me.

My bets on Lythronax :muscle:


I would rather it be Indo gen 2 over maxima

This month is… ardentismaxima alliance championship lol

Bet maxima gets a nerf again.

Maybe Ophiacodon as the new boss



I’m boosting Dimorph, it’s too OP

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Hmmm, I have spended 2000 million betting on majunda. No regrets…

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I almost feel like it’ll be erlidom or prorat if it manages to go another update without a nerf. Maxima I could see as well.

But it’ll probably be apatosaurus. Way too op

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