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What will be the next weeks event dinosaurs?


There is not much else its just the title


No fliers …


Everyone should know by now that they will announce it on twitter on Sunday. That’s how it’s been for weeks.


Best not be the pathetic petrosaurs


I would love some alanqa’s tho


Only pathetic at the moment…


Hopefully Rajasaurus or Sinoceratops


I hope it’s T-Rex or Baryonyx…


:sauropod: Brachiosaurus hopefully and golden chicken


TREX and kentrosaurus so i can finish Trykosaurus.
Or some cenozoics like titanoboa or woolly mammoth to make carl happy :wink:


Armored dino pliis, so i can get my 1st legendary stegodeus. Need 160 dna more.


On second thought, I wouldn’t mind another week (make that many more weeks) of Ankylosaurus. I need her for Rajakylosaurus and Ankyntrosaurus but my epic scent capsules keep giving me Koolasuchus :sob::scream:


Keep trying :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Koolasuchus is useless and creeps me out :joy:


How to find ouranosaur? I never seen one from i star the game? :weary::weary:


I think I’ve only seen her once while driving, the rest of the time it was from incubators. With that being said, I’ve got close to 1000 Ouranosaur dna but like 2 Dilophosaurus dna. The irony and struggle are real!


It very rare then. How are your lvl? I m just hit 9 now.


I will laugh so hard if it’s epic styglomoloch


i would not object to an ingredient (stygimoloch) you need for a unique


I’m level 15, but my team is a bit meh …