What will be your team for the tournament?

With the Common Tournament and the No Stun abilities tournament, what will your team be?

Here is mine:

Probably a selection ftpm my lvl 15 commons for the advantage, not decided beyond about 3 for the skill.

Sounds will depend whether those dinos are excluded or just have the ability to stun disabled.




I’m thinking Lizards, Sinosauropteryx, Glyptodon, Irritator Gen 2, Tanycolagreus, and something built to succeed with those. Will have to shake it up a lot though

I have not decided completely yet, but this is what I think right now. Might change these days, we’ll see.

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Although they’re lacking healing abbilities i will try coel and sino . The rest will be tarbo, glypto, nunda, apato, miragaia and tany

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I’m probably going to use these teams. I may swap some creatures here and there if I feel they’re underperforming in tournament battles.

jwa common and rare epic all no stun tourney team

What tools are you guys using to create the teams? Thanks!

Web page JWA Toolbox and JWA Fieldguide app.

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Here’s what I’m using (yes, the epic team destroying flocks is intentional)

These are the teams that I may try

I may switch some creature out but I think these are the teams I will start with

This Might be my team…

Idk if my team is good, Common Tourney i’m confident (especially Skill)

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thinking of using this in common skill
And this in the epic rare skill

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Use coel and raptor over dilopho and thornax

I dont like flocks, so not gonna use coel. I have taken raptor into consideration(probably gonna use it in rotation) but since it looks like almost everyone will use it, i wont. I like use stuff that not many people do, or I personally like, not because of how good they are stat wise.

why do you hate flocks??

Personally i hate the sloth way more!

plus, coel is easy to kill

Personal stuff. The constantly healing compies (who i faced in hundreds) made me super angry, to the point where i enjoyed it getting eaten. But compsognathus was one of my fav creatures. So i just kinda hate flock in general.

Not sure on rare-epic since we might have a patch before the tournament. But this for now

Commons is kinda obvious, the only weird pick I have is purro but it creams trike g2 and does really well against bronto. Even beats glyptodon if it has trike behind it