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What will be your team for this weekend's tournament? (Explain if you'd like)

The new championship, dilorach (would’ve been nice in old versions), is doing another non-hybrids tournament. I like these a lot, and I have a team I have tested in friendlies before, but it was never for this specific situation. Anywho, here it is!


Allo G2: Pretty straightforward dino. Usually, I would use marsupial lion instead, but no rares allowed. But with cleansing strike, it can take out the raptors. It can take on the turtle (if both are drawn at the same time.), and basically everything the perfect non-hybrid chomper has to offer.

Carbonemys: This thing! I actually happen to think it’s better than its hybrid for… reasons… Anyway, it’s a bigger sweeper than you might expect. If you have experience with it, you know what I mean. If you don’t have a T-Rex, Allo G2, or Mammoth, you’ll struggle against this one.

Kentrosaurus: The one tank I really really like, and the last epic to leave my initial team, is kentrosaurus! Armed with a counter and instant distract, this one oughta be a pain to fight as well.

Pyroraptor: While it loses more than Blue, what I like about pyro is its abilty to get a lot of damage in while not allowing your opponent to damage in. Destroyed by tanks, but curbstomps most chompers!

Sinoceratops: When draco and mono aren’t allowed, this guy oughta ruin your day! After swapping in, it can slow ya, stun ya, and even regenerate. Same it can’t stun lock though.

Titanoboa: Another cool tank is this snake! You don’t like the matchup? Too bad, you can’t get out or you’re screwed! (unless your’re a turtle of course.) Really nice closer!

Wooly Mammoth: Basically the ony revenge killer, and the only chomper-tank besides the rhino I can think of. Lot of favorable match-ups, I’d say. And with bellow, bringing a speedster to kill it probably isn’t a good idea. With your speed taken, you’re pretty screwed by the next creature.

Wooly Rhino: As a bleed denying bleeder, and the fact there are not many immune epics, this guy will do pretty well, I’d say. Pretty underrated!

Honorable Mention: Smilodon: This cat, armed with distraction and evasion, will make you want to rage if you can’t deal with it. Was on a friendly team I tried some time ago, though.

What will be your team? Can’t wait for this weekend!

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My team

Diplodocus: The strongest nonhybrid epic. 6000 hp, 2600 turn 1 slowing damage, and a shielding move, along with a swap-in to top it off

Allo gen 2: Massive damage and decent bulk. Does well with diplodocus, and it takes a chunk out of everything it doesn’t beat

Mammoth: The revenge kill. This thing does so much damage it’s insane for nonhybrid levels. Also has the best strike in the game

Miasaura: Instant Rampage

Secondonto: Immunity with massive damage output. Does well with the chompers like allo and the ceratopsians

Alanqa: Really good damage output and great swap-in. Helps with mammoth

Then there are some creatures that are on the fence, like carbonemyes, titanoboa, scutosaurus, stigymoloch, smilodon, sino and pachy

Velo/Alanqa/Sino (proly sino, epics dont need speed)

Why Gigasipika Because It can tank Yoshi’s hits and dracorex to end Idoraptor2 and and Dracoceratops for a worse cause senerio to swap

Gorgo is just there cuz my other Legendarys suck yoshi I mean you already know idom and Allosino for tanks great case senerio i get monomimius monostegotops or Tyranolophosaurus

Diplod: no explanation needed
Mammoth: same
Allo gen 2: it’s a chomper that can beat raptors and deals heavy damage to carbo, Diplod etc.
Blue: fastest epic in the game, helps deal with mammoth and is very versatile
Maia: instant rampage is very good and can swap in and out. Basically pho lite.
Seco: crushes Diplod, Allo gen 2, carbo, most of the big names. However it loses the speed race with mammoth by 1 point.
Sino: swap in is very good and can hold its own unlike Draco gen 2
Carbo: just destroys speedsters


What app is this?

Just gonna pick what i feel like then adjust later.

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JWA Field Guide

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Actually seco loses 95% of the time

Secodonto would beat Diplo if in both turns, both come out critical, because even if Diplo uses “Pinning Strike” he would win

  1. Allo: the only tru chomper that can laugh at distractors

  2. Anky: surprising very good with both long shields and speed control and very fast for a tank

  3. Nemys: anky but gives up speed for some more umph

  4. Dippy: the best epic in the game. As long as you don’t bleed it, stun it, distract it, or just hit hard then yes the best epic. Seriously tho it’s good.

  5. Ourano: ah the og can deal with almost about anything and if it can’t it can always run away

  6. Scoot scoot: a new comer is here more for experimentation

  7. Titanoboa: best non-hybrid closer in the game guaranteed to put your opponent in an awkward situation can also deal well against speedsters

  8. Woolly: one of the most underrated epics if the bleed doesn’t get you then that definite rampage will

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  1. AlloG2: Much better than T-rex, mocks sprinters

  2. Diplodoc: The goddess kills noodles

  3. Eucla: exclusively to start a fight and hopefully save the fight

  4. Maia: Phoru epic, finish off a dino in one turn and run

  5. Sino: Swap, dig in, stuning and run

  6. Titano: Does not let you run away, without stopping, try to run away and you will see your end slipping

  7. Mammoth: A target, do as much damage as possible

  8. Smilo/Secodonto: I’m not sure if it is Sedodonto or Smilo, in time I will see it :man_shrugging:

If seco gained an extra 50 attack he could

More importantly, it would be the only 100% counter to gemini

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Allo g2

I’m probably not going to bother. I’ve reached my coin goals for the update, so the speed ties, RNG and connection errors aren’t worth the trouble.