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What will happen to pre existing raid strats?

Hello. I just wanted to ask those of you that know which raid strats will be affected so I can make new ones to replace them after the update. Thank you

Well, Hadros hitting with Vulnerability makes me nervous for the 8-turn strat, but the 12-turn should still work.

Might have to revert to tuo, ente, tenrex and maxima indeed… What a bore.

Gorgo 100%
Since thor no longer has group rampage.

You are right. It’s going to be a nightmare that one.

I’ve just been using the Mortem, Tuora, Gemini, Dio/MRhino strat on Gorgo. That one should still be fine.

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There are other strategies but the dinos need to be higher levels no lv20 skoona strategy I don’t think now.
I think there is a dio one but apparently dio has to be decently strong
Also the monorhono one mentioned above.
Luckily I mainly use toura for raids, the only raid i can’t use toura on is the new snake.

The strategy with dio needs a level 28 unboosted if I remember correctly.

Tuo, monolorhino, geminititan, mortem rex works well though. Not sure how low level the monolorhino can be though.

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@Acerglyn are you able to send me the rhino strategy if you don’t mind.

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Thanks! Will help my alliances discord :call_me_hand:

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