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What will it be like? ep 1: Thorodolosaur

Welcome to a new series were I cover creature changes for every update. Thor, lat update we were begging for it to get a rampage, but with the patch notes, do we? You can’t get mad at Ludia for getting rid of group shattering impact, they trying to do what we want, they just didn’t do it as well as they could. Thor needed its GSI for raids, I would much rather it keep GSI, and get fierce rampage instead of fierce impact.
what will Thor be like for you in the coming update?

  • better in every way!
  • worse in every way
  • its better, but still needs some changes
  • its worse, and really needs a buff
  • much better for raids
  • much better for pvp

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Going to be better in PvP at least, but I can see what’s going to happen - overboosted Thor will overpower any cunning creatures that are unfortunate enough to enter the battle when the new rampage is available.

Cunning creatures might need a proper buff somehow. We’ll just have to wait and see.


I just realized that defense shattering impact targets the lowest hp, meaning that Thor will still be able to finish of one of the minions on the first turn, which is relieving …

Who on earth says its better lol it’s definitely worse it’s 4 turn damage output is unchanged and now it doesn’t have the all important first turn group attack and the rampage has a delay along with 2 turn cooldown so now Thor is useless vs raids a T-rex plays his role better for goodness sakes. And his pvp performance is essentially same as always most people will probably take boosts off Thor contrary to overboosting them lol. Ludia this is too far Thor doesn’t deserve to be the new monomimus come on.

So basically it’s still good for raids but in that case a higher level allosino does more damage and has more health and speed

It’s not good for raids at all anymore honestly now I would rather someone bring a level 30 T-Rex to my mortem raid then that thing.

Yea yea that true

And what other creature with Thor power has GSI now

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None that’s what

Its going be a nightmare in the arena but it’ll be awesome for raids

No. There are 3 creatures.

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Nah, it’d be way worse for raids, the strategy just won’t work with It anymore


It’ll be mostly the same as always in arena and awful in raids after the nerf I’d rather someone bring an equal level T-Rex to my mortem raids than Thor

But he has GIR meaning it will be more powerful. Now he is takes out minions and does more damage. How is that bad

So now in raids he is more OP and finally gets a ramage how is this a nerf. I mean I would be happy about it

Because he don’t kill minions turn 1:
On hadros lux raid,gorgosaurus can kill a teammember turn one without problem.

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The issue is that Thor’s group rampage move has a 1 turn delay, so it can’t take out minions before they have a chance to attack like it currently can with group impact. The only reason Thor is used at all in raids is that turn 1 group shield breaking attack.

OOOHHHHH ok I understand. I was so confused when ppl were saying this but i forgot that is does have a delay well then entelomoth is good now. Just boost its damage i guess

If you want pure damage, the wooly rhino pig is better. It has more damage, health, and the same armor for a bit of speed, which isn’t really needed.

You know,it is risky…

entelomoth have an superhybrid which have lots of chance to get buff.
Then,spending your boosts on something which is just the lesser version of something remind me urahsino vs utarinex version.