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What will it be like? ep 1: Thorodolosaur

hmm yes but this is only fro raids so just level it up to a point. Not a lot of boosts have to go into it

Thor will still be used over allosino cuz its twice as likley to crit.

Thor will still be used in raids because no other chomper has group shattering impact but thor still has a group shattering so it will still be used r just two maximas.


Thor is losing group shattering impact and gets group shattering rampage instead which has a 1 turn delay. It can’t break all shields in its first turn anymore.

Wait could just both Thor’s do impact and have max use it’s group decelerating rampage

Great for its users, a pain for its opponents

With its rampage back Thor will definitely get some PvP relevance back. I’m hoping that 2 turn cooldown on the rampage the will possibly hinder it from destroying the cunning creatures that are meant to counter it (but honestly I wouldn’t hold my breath)

Also definitely agree that it’s relevance in raids will dip.

Though if we do have a repeat of “Thor’s all it can eat buffet” I’m hoping that Spyx could be a solution as it has a partial resistance to stun and can permanently distract Thor