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What will u do?


Knowing one member is very active, darting and battling all day, but not donating, and only requesting…can’t say is not contributing, but a selfish player…worst is someone u know…what will u do as leader of alliance?

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My vote let them be. When alliance missions return thier contributions will help with the lack of donations. In my opinion.

Do they talk in chat?


As long as they are contributing, even if it is towards the Alliance quests (when available), they they are taking part and helping the whole. Maybe, as @Faethor_Ferenczy says, mention them in chat and ask if they can help by donating now and again.


Nope, never chat in the group, but just happen to be a friend’s friend whom was invited into the alliance…


Yes I did put in the chat in general for all, wishing all to contribute to their best possible ways.
But we just can’t determine what others want to do, in a way, seeing one who only collect but never contribute is rather sad.
But towards alliance goal cannot say he is not contributing…so contridicting.


The Alliances are nice but they do have one flaw. Initially, they are great for getting members to share DNA but after a short while everyone is after the same dinosaurs - new releases/hybrids - or they are needing the DNA they have to save for leveling something. In both instances no one wants to share those DNA. Your player may just be wanting to hold on to what they consider to be their most needed DNA.


I believe majority of alliance will have this issue.
As an average player level alliance, i requested members to ask for more common DNA and not what we all need like velociraptor.
Generally i could say many are cooperative, is easy to kick out one u know that doesn’t play as team, but since is one u know, is gets more complicated.
Maybe to make the alliance be fair, one can only collect the same amount of DNA based on donation…


Who has the issue with them not donating? You or the rest of the alliance. If they are contributing a lot to the missions I would obvious keep them. If members don’t see him contributing DNA they can just stop filling his requests. Seems like a simple solution to me.


I would also be curious how you know theyre never contributing. I fill everything I can every time I get a chance but I work full time and it seems like there arent many request when Im playing.

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Don’t invite people to your alliance that you know . People are busy and will never play alliance missions when you need them to. Worst is that it has consequences in real life if you kick them out or tell them to donate. Unfortunately your alliance has a permanent stain on it , that member hogging up a spot someone else can take. It doesnt matter if they contribute to alliance missions or not. You can find someone else who does battle all day but still donates to you. Everyone is replaceable ! What you need to do is talk to them and say hey /person/ can you press my DNA donation I really need some dimetrodon. When they say no in real life then they will start seeing why you removed them if that is what you end up doing.

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I don’t hv the issue, just hoping at least if you request, u donate that’s all.
Knowing him in person but wasn’t close as is my friend’s invite into the alliance.
Just a “unfairness” thoughts in me that’s all.


I cannot say i am 100% sure, but in my alliance, there r few players i know, all requesting for common DNA but never see this player donate a single one from start, is this considered a “confirmation”?..
We donated to him regularly…but never a return favour.


Thanks for advice, guess the best is to ignore.
He is contributing in many other missions, just not donating. Perhaps also with players donating but not playing in arena…


I just wanna elaborate one important point.
REQUESTING of DNA in the alliance now has no negative impact to what i am already playing with the game, it is just an EXTRA source of DNA to lvl up easier.
So joining a alliance for that objective as an individual player do not play as a “TEAM PLAYER”, he/she simply wants the extra DNA for own, disregard others…hope this will gv u another thoughts why i ask this question.


Perhaps it would be best to take the bold but honest approach of simply talking to this person. Ask if theyre contributing, ask the others if the see his name come up… He should understand


Think of it this way:

They’ve probably been doing this since way before alliance missions were a thing. Given they’ve been apart of your alliance since before 1.6.

Alliance missions only give very select DNA from what we’ve seen. Yes the coins and cash are nice, but most of us need dna to go along with it. Not everyone wants the dna in the alliance incubators anyway, not all of it at least.

Given the assumption that they’ve been in your alliance for a while, say… A month, and you only noticed their “contributions” when the missions started and not before… On top of requesting dna and not giving dna back in return?

Drop them, they’re only looking out for themselves.

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It would be easy to remove someone u don’t know, but to remove one that’s being invited by your playing partner has some consideration to do.
Is just a game, but it does show how individual react as a person.


Here is my take as another leader. Donations are simply that what you feel comfortable donating. However guild missions require a team effort and net your alliance epic dna that we currently cant donate. Looking at the list of rewards from metahub the alliance missions give out some nice dna.

If hes a top contributor to multiple missions, he could be the difference between 300 or 500 anky dna when that mission table comes around. Considering how rare anky dna is gonna be to those without parks nearby for the near future… thats something to consider.

Now the flip side is we cant be sure if he is really donating cant we cant see that stats. But if he isnt donating maybe its time to return the favor. After a while he might decide its time to start donating.

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When you request dna you can see who donated how much before you collect it. So one would just need to ask those that were requesting if a player donated to them (if said player was active at the time) and there ya go.

@Calvin_Tan then talk to them. In my opinion, you give as much effort as everyone else helping out, or go beyond it. I don’t care who you are. Be fair to everyone. Don’t only look out for yourself when there are people below you that can use the help.

Edit: Besides, the dna you get from requests counts towards the missions. So that’s hurting you if they don’t donate.
My alliance is small, we have 5 active members, between the 5 of us we almost got to Rank 4 on the offense incubator before the missions messed up.
5 people did that much.

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I had tried to mention it diplomatically in the alliance chat, but how can u control one action if is decided “i just want but no giving”…
Did ask friend to talk to him, yet the reply was rather suspicious saying “ya i did, just little, not to u only”…
Why would a person not donating to friends playing together then others…
So in that way, i believe is only taking and not giving.
I believe this is happening to other alliances, question is who knows…

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