What will you do when this happens?

Suppose a battle comes to a situation like this:
It is now 2-2, my Thor and opponent’s dino are standing in the field but the HP of Thor is within the one-shot range of DC using SIR and my Thor is faster and next turn I can use my Thor to DSR it and win, but I don’t know if the opponent has DC or not. I don’t run DC.
So, what would you do in this scenario?

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Depends on what you have in your back pocket and what the opponent dinosaur is. I’d only swap in this scenario if I knew I’d have a good matchup against the opponent’s current dinosaur and DC. All too often I’ve swapped into something like Rinex to get hit by the rat, but I’m not able to finish it before DC swaps out and hits me again. This situation makes swapping useless, but at least I know my opponent used a crutch to beat me, and I did my best to win.

I press on with the match at hand. I can settle for the two takedowns towards the DBI and let them rat me if they have one. Then, press the button again until I fill the DBI.

My revenge is knowing they will gain trophies and be matched with stronger opponents with higher boosted rats.


Assume opponent has DC if you have only seen 3 other dinos.
If I have DC, use it.
If not, DSR.

Option 1 Dracocera SIR
Option 2 Dio SIC if faster
Option 3 Tryko SIC if faster
Option 4… LEEROYYY JENKINS! DSR and pray


I wonder what Eddie would do??

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That’s a great question.
Let thorize…

My guess would be Dracocera SIR.
Odds are it’s going to waffle stomp the poor guy’s Thor OR Dracocera he’s up against no matter what.
He would then wonder how he had gotten to 2-2 in the first place instead of outright wrecking him. Unless he was just toying with the guy out of boredom. LOL

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This. Just play and then play again getting a different opponent.

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I’d play it out… and probably lose like I have done in the past.

It really depends on what your remaining dinosaur is. If it can take some hits and do some damage then swap it out.

If your last dinosaur is on the lower end of health pool, a boosted DC will probably one shot it anyway but your Thor was going to die anyway and you were already defeated.

Does your remaining dinosaur have any SIA/SID? There’s so many unmentioned variables that would affect which route I would actually take.

I’ve let my third dinosaur die knowing my remaining dinosaur couldn’t do anything to improve my situation.

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Thanks for all of the replies.
Yes. It really depends on what my last dino is. Sometimes it is a wounded dino with little HP left which cannot do anything. If it is Erlidom and can take a damage without dying (usually not when the opponent is Thor) swapping to Erlidom may be better. Sometimes it is a tank such as Monostego which can take a bite, but not enough to one shot DC, then I won’t swap and go on with DSR and pray for DC not showing up.

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If the other player hasn’t shown their 4th Dino to the point where its come down to 2v2, they have rat.

Dont fall for it.

Also assume there is a rat in the match until proven otherwise!
Edit 2:
During the match take note of the dinosaurs used and count them, when you have seen 4 you know there is no rat.
However if you have seen the same 3, maybe even swapped back in having already been in earlier, they are saving the rat.

Sometimes they don’t even show the 4th dino after all the other three died. What does it indicate? They surrender? or what?

I just have had this scenario again a minute ago. Again 2-2, my Erlidom with full HP and Rampage cooling down, the opponent brought a Dilorach up. I used Speed up Strike, Dilorach used Distracting Strike, now the HP of my Erlidom is only about 2k, I did not know what his 4th dino was. I swapped to my last dino Magna, he did not swap to DC, he used Stunning Rampage, luckily I still had 100+ HP left, then one shot the Dilorach.
I seems that he did not have DC in the line up, but the move he made made me think he had DC.

That means they have nothing that will survive your current dino when they swap to it.

In my experience and also statistically, you should encounter a team with a rat less than 50% of the time. Next to that they usually use it early in the match for who knows what reason. So an opponent having a rat at the end is quite rare. I wouldn’t anticipate it and just keep going, and if you still lose to a rat you know that your opponent has no dignity or soul. At least you can sleep at night.

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Yeah what @Tielenaar said is true about swapping in.

Like say they have a Tryo but if they swapped it in it would take a hit, and probably go second so would take 2 hits and likely be dead, so no point bringing it in.

it is now kind of rare for people to only swap in dc at the end so I would say stay in

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I also find that this is the case, but why?