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What will your 1.9 team be?

Since we approaching some sort of “immune meta” of sorts, what will your team be for this patch?

My team:

Indoraptor Gen 2

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maybe thor

Good luck getting Smilonemys in time for 1.11, lol


Im sure theres going to be plenty of events to begin with since itll be new. That and i dont see it being exclusive for anything, or at least not event exclusive since it wasnt listed as a “santuary exclusive” creature

I hope it’s the next daily mission.

I’m in early Marshes

Indom G2

Dream Team
Indo G2
Dsungaia/ Smilonemys
Utasinoraptor/ Erlidom

I hope im not bursting a bubble, but good luck with dsungaia. The dsungaripterus is event exclusive, so it doesnt appear much. Many of us wanna run it, but we cant get it’s dna cuz of that birb being so rare

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Maybe if Dsunga birb doesn’t do me justice than I could put in Smilo Nemo

I see no impending changes happening as of now. That may change, of course.

I think people may be overreacting to Monostego’s change. I must be the only one who remembers this:

The new one can’t possibly be on this one’s level.
I’ve been using it since like July 2018… I don’t think this update will make me stop.


Smilonemys looks broken af, and it hard counters the most annoying creature to ever exist, so id say that one will give you an edge

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indorap bro. dang your dioraj is on the bench. there goes my hopes

i think monostego just woke up.

I’m not a fan of this Dio… I actually liked the SI Ferocity one better lol.

Ankylocodon is coming back to my team :heart:.

I’ve caved and am now leveling my green chicken. Not sure what its going to replace yet.

I’ve come too far to switch in low level creatures.


I dont know but Geminititan should be in.

I have no “power-distractors” Which is making me suffer a lot lately with so many wild thors.

My magna still low level and Tenonto would be nice to have but still haven’t created it (max score 5360 in this last tournament) . I can handle but I have to work hard on SIA to reach those numbers…

I will look for best SIA options in combination with my Toura. Then will have to decide whether Edmontoguana 26 and Purru 23 keep or leaves team (no substitute for them yet).

So… Let’s deeply read release notes and see best options.

SMILONEMYS As an ultimate combination of 3 Epic creatures (Smilodon, Pachycephalosaurus and Carbonemys)

CARBONEMYS is one of the 3 new creatures that are listed as: “Sanctuary Exclusives
Use Sanctuaries to share and collect DNA from these super elusive creatures with your Alliance as these creatures will appear only during special events in the coming months…”

Step 1: hack into Ludia’s servers
Step 2: clone multiple Procerathomimi
Step 3: profit

Lol Mimi :joy:

I remembered that I used to have Suchotator on my team until Monostego was team level, so I put it back on to see how battles are affected. So far so good, so I’ll just leave it like this for now:

She’s 5-5-4 right now, but I’d like to get her health and attack up a notch to t6. I’m not sure if I should boost her speed any more since she has instant distraction. I know with Tryko it’s better to not boost her speed too high for that reason.

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