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What will your team be if Tank Meta resurfaces?

As I’ve stated quite a few times, I have a funny feeling the tank meta might be making a return since they benefit the most from the boost rework (able to boost in just hp and attack since speed doesnt matter as much. That and most have speed control anyways). If that ends up occurring, what would your teams be?

Dimo, Daryx, Spino, Indom, Tenonto, Thyla, Dio, and Maxima - maybe rotate Tryko and Tryo in and out to see how they do.

But I don’t see tanks making much of a comeback. There will still be the odd stegod or tragod around, but probably no more than now.

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If tank meta does occur, thyla will be an absolute monster lol

There’s too many counter measures for tanks to make a resurgence of huge proportions. I think they’ll be a bit more viable, but not meta defining.

But either way, I’ve got thor, tryko, magna and maxima ready, and I guess spyx since now it’s immune to slowing.

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Ill just stick a bleeder or two on my team… large health increases hurt tanks versus bleeders since the damage done is a percentage of their total health… more health equals higher bleed damage.

I won’t know till the rest happens.
Baring no changes, probably Tryko, Dio, Magna, and Maxima for sure, with maybe Thor, Tenrex, and Draco. It’s really too soon. There will probably be more changes to mix up the meta by then.

Saying tanks look to be more relevant, it may be worth leveling Ardontosaurus with Ardentismaxima as both are immune and slow none immune speedsters. With the new boost system, Ardontosaurus may be made more damaging than Maxima since I’d be able to boost it higher than Maxima at the same level.

Speaking of mothers and children, leveling Allosinosaurus with Thor because of being able to boost Allo farther than Thor at the same level. This is going to be interesting.

My team will be
Indominus Rex- replaces Yoshi since while it is good, I consider it a boost burden
Monolometrodon- replaces purrutaurus until I can get carnotarkus. But if it proves its worth then I might keep it
Indominus Rex G2- replaces miragaia, until I unlock Indo G2

Dream Team
Tryostronix-revenge killer
Erlikospyx-revenge killer/damager
Indoraptor G2-revenge killer/damager

While some people have made valid points as to why the meta wont primarily be tanks, i think we can all agree that speedsters are kinda screwed with this patch due to boost burdens. Select ones that have good hp like Magna might still be around, but it’s going to be much, much harder and more planning to effectively use Dilorah, Erlidom, Spyx, both Indoraptors, etc.

Overall, i see this boost change changing the shift of the meta to favor tanks and select chompers, while speedsters/glass cannons are going to struggle more

Heres my team anyway for the modern day tank meta if it ever does happen lol