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What will your team be

So far I got two versions

What you think your be; keep in mind we do have new hybrids coming so maybe they might be team worthy?

not even gonna put one out. too many changes that i haven’t fully understood yet. can tell you that my team is gonna change a lot over the course of a month.


I don’t know and that’s great. I’ll come back to good old times, when I checked all the creatures if they are powerful or not.


Lol same but I think I got a handle on everything that I read and from the creatures I have unlocked so far this is what I’m going for

Is nodotitan get some buff ??

A bit actually yes

It can now deal with cloak and dodge just with its strike, plus its resistance to stun, “immune to decel”

Proly drop mono hybrid for other mono hybrid and might add dio

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Thinking of removing diplove for pteraquetzal Utah for Monomimus and alloraptor for spinonyx though once I get it I will definitely swap Thor for tryko

I’m not really sure what my team will look like after the update. I’m definitely keeping tenontorex but other than that I need to see the actual changes in game

Tenotorex is now probably the strongest unique in the game now he got so heavily buffed

Current team

so far Tryko and possibly allorap and spinocon are staying. open to anything else at this point.


RIP to poor smilonemys. I use him but I don’t think I can after this update

idk. more HP to her. so she becomes more of fast tank rather than a mix of both. best for dealing with speedsters than trying to take on chompers. it’s a toss up for me.

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A lot of information to digest :dizzy_face:. I’m not sure what my team would look like now.


Ya nemys got hit good

True but now she isn’t fully immune to decel but it does mean when it does DP will finally work as intended

Yea its better than nothing

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Ardentismaxima: my only remaining Dino from 1.14, maxima will be my main tank. It does what it did in 1.14 except that it’s a bit tankier now.
Dio: resilient strike and rampage is a blessing as well as the damage and crit buffs. It now slaughters speedsters and can deal major damage to non shielders
Spyx: spyx got a huge hp buff which makes it one of the best speedsters rn. While it lost bleed, it more than makes up for it with double distract and high damage.
Magna: with immunity gone, magna will be great again and kick butt
Monolorhino: 1.3k damage with swap in stunning strike is amazing and it will also put up a fight after it swaps in. It’s basically 1.14 monostego but better.
Quetzorion: probably the best Dino in the game post update, crafty strike is op and it has lots of resistances. It outpaces all the major 129 speed dinos as well.
Tenontorex: imo the second best Dino in the game, tenontorex has the tools to beat nearly every dino in the game. Resilient strike allows it to beat speedsters without a problem, while DSR will put major damage on tanks. It’s damage is ludicrous and has DI to deal with chompers. Finally, we round it off with a healing move which allows it stay longer and dish out more damage.
Tryko: while it may seem like it got nerfed, tryko actually got a huge buff in resilient impact. Now, it’s main counters in speedsters are practically gone.

This is my immediate team. Dracocera will be replaced with Dracoceratosaurus once I unlock him