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What will your teams be once boosts 2.0 arrive?

Pretty sure many of us are going to switch their teams around to accommodate the new boost system. What will your teams be?


My planned team:

Indoraptor Gen 2

Most of my team were speedsters, but once i get Vexus, Ardentis, and Dioraja caught up to team level, i might consider them. Vexus got me interested since it is apparently really good now.

Thor im going to eventually bench since if it chooses to go bulky over speedy, then it’s prone to it’s counters, while speedy over bulky will cause it to die quicker. Going 10/10/10 on it would even it out, but with thor’s speed being 109 and it gets +2 per boost, thor’s speed would only be 129, which most of it’s counters will probably be over that once theyre boosted (magna, indo gen 2, spyx, the usual lol)

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I know im probably going to keep procerath, but the rest of the team is up in the air. I don’t have many uniques. If luck is on my side, Tryko will make an appearance soon. I may use stygidaryx as well.

Tryko, Thor, Erlidom, Orion, Maxima, Spyx and Magna for sure.

My remaining spot is uncertain. I can chose between Dioraja, Rinex, IndoG2, Procerath or Vexus

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Won’t use them. Stay as an Arena Dropper.

Then when the main Dino’s get nerfed I will use all I got on the replacement Tyrants.

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My team will be:

Keep: Indoraptor, Thoradolosaur, Utahsinoraptor, Tragodistis, Monomimus (don’t ask…)
In Debate: Stegodeus, Allosinosaurus

Likely To Ditch: The Rat. I’m most likely ditching the rat because I’m sick of it and don’t feel glad using it. Potential Replacements Could Be: Thylacotator, Monostegotops, Spinotasuchus, Ardontosaurus (If I can make it and level it up a bit), tryostronyx

Dream team is probably: Tryko, Dio, Ardentis, Gemini, Magna, Thyla, Indo gen2, TenRex. Need to unlock Gemini and get indo 2 and thyla to team level.

Phorusaura, smiloceph, smilonemys,thylacotator, utasinraptor, erlidomimus , ?, and to anchor of course the rat cuz I just love to use it on everyone that hates it ,lol , but this whole team could change under the new boost system

I’ll be adding the Smiloceph, definitely, I’m not sure exactly, but she will definitely be added.

Mine will stay just as it is now

I will take this chance to change a lot of team member as I always used most them since 1.7 update

But of course, I still hold my favorite one like Erlidominus and Indoraptor in the team so my team will be like

As far as I can tell, my team will have a hard time against immune-bulky armored creature type and faster chomper type

And, Yes. I’m planing to boost only 2 aspect of boosts for each member. Why? Because why not :joy:

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I have a big choice and by the time we get the next update, I may start my my level 20-21 plan. A lot depends on boost application ability. As an example, I may be able to put more boosts on Allosinosaurus than Thor. If this be the case, my team may use both Allosino and Thor.

The point in what I am doing is for variety and being able to interchange creatures in and out. I have grypo in the making for my 10th unique. I have not PvP’d with any of these yet except Ardenosaurus and Suchotator at these levels a couple times otherwise I only play 15-16 teams. Just staying out of the rat race on this account. I like the newer creatures with the swap in abilities and hoping they add some to the unique’s.

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Mine will stay 100% exactly the same, lol.


Half of your team will get OKHO’d by the rat if nothing changes. You’re probably better off going for a more even spread on the fast dinos.

Haha, I know that but my old team was OHOK’d by it all the time if I don’t keep Erlidom behind.

It’s alright. I just want to change my play style a little but really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Mine will stay exactly the same because the boost change affects everyone equally. I don’t even know yet by how much each boost will increase health, attack, speed, so for now I have no reason to change anything.

Plus because boosts will be restricted by level that’s another reason mine won’t change as most of my team are all my high levels with the exception of about 2 of them.

For the most part the same team but will replace Dilo with Maxima.
Just waiting to get the boosts back to transfer them.
I will then replace Tenrex with whoever I can get to team level first. Gem or Indo G2.

I’m not currently planning on making any snap decisions; I have so many creatures in the L20-L25 range that I am planning on benching my L26-L30 team and experimenting with them instead - will stay unboosted for a few weeks and see how it all pans out - what people’s experience are, etc etc. Also digest what nerfs/buffs/new creatures come with the update. Recent tournaments have shown me that the best teams seem to be a combo of “old” school creatures (Tryko, Erlidom, Dilorach, Magna) and newer creatures. Started stockpiling coins as well. Going to be interesting to see how it all pans out.


My team
Monolometrodon- New
Indominus Rex- New

I’m not telling :smirk: