What would Antarctovenator be good at fighting?

The lack of counter-attack damage is sad and it makes me wonder what role this could provide.

Swap in Distraction sounds like a great tactic against Thor and Mortem but let’s consider a mildly boosted lv 30 Thor with only 10 damage boosts and out-speeds you… Distract then you have to eat a Rampage and another Impact and are dead.

Indoraptor having 75% resistance to distraction means this match-up isn’t going to play out favorably.

Phorusaura maybe? Between the instant rampage, Side step to avoid your rampage, and a nice rampage and run even with distraction It’s going to do enough damage to win.

With only one defense shattering move it looks like it wouldn’t be good at facing resilient creatures either.

I don’t even think trying to swap it in on a Tryostronix to remove it’s boost would be favorable since it still resists half of the distraction.

What do you believe this creature would be good at fighting?

the simple answer it no, it wont be super good until it gets a counter. it is also missing instant distraction. i believe it should get rid of defense shattering impact and replace it with instant distraction and add precise shattering counter so it still has a shatter move.


It looks to be best played as a revenge killer, and then dishing out some hefty damage T2 with that DR

The question you should be asking is… Is it a Rixis killer?!? :upside_down_face:

Sadly no Rixis beats Antarctovenator if FI is on

Don’t forget about the nullify counter though.

I made a remake about that guy tbh that’s really not bad

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I didn’t forget the counter
The thing is it can’t two shot Rixis and it doesn’t survive 3 hits if FI is used

It’s current moveset is more Cunning-Fierce than wild card, so it’s probably best used against fierce (though like some others have said, probably as a revenge killer)

What would you revenge kill? If you try to use the instant boosting move you are guaranteed to lose in nearly every dino you’d face. Without going in-depth with the math I’m fairly certain a heavy shield user such as Dioraja would win if it simply did Resilient strike and Rampage.

Thats true. It’s also too slow to be a good revenge killer. Its like a slower and slightly more tanky Monolometerodon.

I think it’s best to revenge kill by coming in after a Max or another creature Decel’d it into 1 Shot range (with impact), and then going DR into DSI, haven’t played yet tho so not sure how that works

Diplovenator is much better than antarcovenator unless it gets a deceleration counter or precise shattering counter