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What would be a useful boost setup for speedsters with 2.0 Boosts?

For Erlidom & Erlikospyx I’d want them to be dedicated DC killers, so that means I’ll need to have a good amount of speed to ensure I’m always faster than DC. But same time the erliks would need a high amount of attack. What would be the max speed DC can get? How about max HP and max attack of DC? That’s what I’d want to base Erlidom and Erlikospyx around, to make sure they always get rid of it.

What about Utarinex? It can slow stuff down and then rampage it, so might not need much investment into speed but more in HP and attack so it can rampage out.

I’m sure some people will go 10/20/0 on DC and they’ll keep it to drop it and 1 hit the last critter. So last critter better be armored with high HP.

Even spread most likely. They need every single stat.

A 10/10/10 will probably not be able to 1 hit 15/15/0 rat guaranteed, maybe a 10/20/0 rat but that thing won’t come out until the end anyway so it will not be killed. What about 0/20/10 erlidom? Or 0/15/15?
Alternatively, 5/20/5 if it can outspeed draco and thor and paramoloch.

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dc will not be fast. they will focus more on damage and hp for dc.


Yeah but the scary part is, it will be kept as the final one if it’s the hp/max attack one. Maybe having Erlidom as 5/20/5 might work then.

to answer your question though.


t10 hp:4554


For my Lvl 24 Erlidom I am thinking of giving it 10/10/4 assuming the Boosts you can give is equal to the Dinos current Lvl.

We’ll have to see how big the penalty is for the other stats when a stat is boosted for the most accurate data on this subject. For speedsters overall, 10/10/10 seems to be the best on paper

Prioritize the speed, 50% more life does not work if dracoceratops has 50% damage, but the speed will allow you to hit first most of the time and Erlykospyx can take better advantage of his abilities.

Thanks. And what would Erlidom be at 5/20/5 and 0/20/10?
Though knowing T10 speed draco sacrifices a lot just to get to 129 speed, 10/20/0 would make Erlidom be quite the pest against Thor and Draco and whatever else has speed below 129.

I could go 5/20/5, 0/20/10, or 10/20/0.
Since Erlidom will be a rat killer and rat will need T10 on speed to be at 129 and would lose much attack or HP doing that, I could go 10/20/0 and maybe survive Thor thanks to dodges. Unless people still want to take Thor above 129 speed in spite of the limit.

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lol. my head hurts now but to figure this out you basically take a level 30 dinos stats then add the max amount that t20 would give. so for instance…

level 30 erlidom:
4011 hp + 50%(t20) 6016
1945 att + 50%(t20) 2917
129 speed +40(t20) 169

to figure out what each tier will give you for hp, take the difference of 6016 and 4011= 2005. tier 20 will add 2005hp so take that and divide by 20(2005÷20=100.25)
100.25 is what each tier will give you. so if you want a t8 hp dino multiply 100.25x8= 802 and add that to the base hp of the level 30 erlidom. 4011+802=4813. so a t8hp erl is 4813.

speed is just 40 max so 2 speed per tier. so a t10 is plus 20 speed. your erlidom would be 149 speed at t10.

Thanks, so I guess I might go for t10 hp, t20 attack, t0 speed so I could have:
5013 (or 5014?) hp
2917 attack
129 speed.
This coupled with dodge might make Erlidom useful since Thors and Dracos will need t10 on speed to even have 129 speed at the cost of either HP or attack.
Maybe I could shift 1 boost from HP or attack to speed to be sure to always be fastest in case of 0/20/10 dracos.

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Funny how the rat has to effect so many choices for the entire game and playerbase. When one thing is the main thing to think about you know it’s getting stale. Rat squad rat and procerat limits the variety of creatures used more than any other also.


youll be faster because of rarity. your numbers are perfect btw.

Then that only leaves the thors that go 0/15/15, which I hope to not see many of, but Maxima could destroy those.

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but you are only thinking small potatoes in a way. speed is going to be crucial against the speedsters.

It depends what role you give those speedsters. If they’re dedicated rat killers or Thor damagers (if they can survive a non-crit chomp and escape if not kill the Thor) they’re filling pretty much same role they’re filling now for me.
Vs anything else, Erlidom can gain more speed with its default attack, but not sure what i’d be using Erlidom against except maybe vs a Christmas Chicken that hopefully has not reached more speed than Erlidom can buff.

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very true. it has helped me on occasion being faster then other speedsters and having its rampage ready but the minspeedup helps if slower like you said.

on occasion i do run into those issues. especially with magna, rinex etc…

I always use minspeedup if facing the chicken with huge speed, since they usually have more HP than I can rampage. But there’s a huge risk that there’s a Draco lurking around the corner.
Currently my Erlidom is 7/7/6 and it has been killed by dracos quite often because all it takes is 1 hit from the opponent and they can freely swap in their Draco on next turn. If I’ll have a Spyx as backup, then I can start with either one and lure Draco in, get rid of it, and make it difficult for the next creature.

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