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What would happen if


Many people are mad about dracocera Swap In Rampage, sometimes I also get mad, but I also use it, so it’s “fair”.
But that’s not what I want to discuss…

What would happen if Ludia removed Swap in ShatterRampage, but changed Draco’s regular Rampage into DSR?

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People would find the next thing to cry about being unfair in this game.

Just like it has been with all the other “OP” creatures that got nerfed.

Thor’s crits will be next.


What would happen? Well it would show that Ludia continues to listen to those that shout nerf for everything and fail to listen at all to everyone else.

Then as Jonny5 says people would move on to cry nerf for something else and wait until Ludia once again listens to the crys for nerf and ignore everyone else.


If they just made it into Swap in Rampage, and lose the shattering bit, it would be a more balanced hybrid and players wouldn’t get so riled up about it.


My opinion is the developers intentionally made Dracoceratops the way he is.

My opinion is based on the fact Draco G2 existed prior to DracoC having the moves, and people complained Draco G2 was a mistake. The developers, IF they pay any attention to the playerbase, knew about the complaints of Draco G2, had plenty of time to rework DracoC before release, yet released him in the formulation that exists today…

DracoC works exactly as intended by the game developers.


Dracoceratops didn’t have the shattering rampage when it first came into the game. In fact DC was completely naff when it first appeared. It was updated a short time later and that’s when the problem first arose.

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What about changing DSR to APR? Just thinking out loud…


Here’s a suggestion against Dracoceratops (and other dinos with “swap-fists”). Hope you take a look of it


You are correct, Draco G2 was better than Dracoceratops until the update.
But, Draco G2 was highly criticized before the developers gave the ability to Dracoceratops, hence this was no mistake, rather an intentional action.


Maybe, but if that is the case, then they are being criticized for allowing such an overpowered dinosaur to exist. A swap in rampage would have been arguably okay, but swap in shattering rampage is far too good.


I think the biggest problem with DC isnt just its swap in DSR, its the fact that it can cleanse its 2 turn lockdown. The developers clearly recognized that unless it was locked for two turns it could easily be abused and swap in and out repetitively basically annihilating an entire team on its own while the opponent is helpless. So why they gave it the ability to cleanse that lock is far far far beyond me


We already have complaints that the proceratosaurus is op. :joy:

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I only recently realized that it could do that and it does break the purpose of having the lock down in the first place.

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The developers of the game made this choice, knowingly.

Their ball, their court, their rules.

It’s entirely your choice if you want to play or not.


Strawman argument. Yes, they made it but its overpowered on one ability. It needs to be fixed for balance concerns.


Do you even know what that means?

The developers designed this creature, and buffed this creature knowingly.

Their rules, their game.

I’m stating facts, not refuting anyone’s argument.


Yes I do.

Agreed but it doesn’t mean that it was a good move for either the game or the players.


i thought about this, would really balance it out.


Why the developers never listened to all players during the whole winter is a mystery.

They changed the DG2, fine! But giving a upgrade of it was just ***

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