What would you do moment. Would you choose truth or forgiveness?

JWA is a game where we all come to escape from everyday life drama and stress. Yet some players seem to take the game to an extreme unlike I have never seen before. They are creating a toxic environment via personal attacks because of the misperceptions, lies, rumors all in the name of what really?

If you knew a player was creating a toxic environment and spreading falsehoods about another player to create an image of victimization and you had evidence to show the contrary, how would you proceed to stop the bullying created by these misrepresentations?

In the topic posted by the mods on November 5, 2019, they specifically call out this toxic environment. Although the comments are hidden, they remain as part of the forum’s ecosystem. Should these not be removed entirely to prevent further bullying and send a stronger message that creating a toxic environment will not be tolerated?

In my case, I instead would want to choose not to share and move on, but I hope that said player would restrict the manipulation conducted through their actions and misrepresentations of the truth. To stop the hate and ask that they please focus on what is essential here, our in-game entertainment, like hunting, strategy, and battling. You know the real reasons we are part of this FUNtastic game. :smiley:

This player can’t be the first and only person to be doing this to others. I am sure there are many more players who have felt wronged for many reasons. Yet we as players in a virtual social game will sometimes forget that we are all human. We all feel, we all care, and we all want to be respected. Forgiveness is something we seldom really genuinely give. In this case, forgiveness may be the only solution to stop the toxic hate created by the parties involved and amicably move on.

What would you do? For me forgiveness and moving on seems like the higher road to take. I hope it is yours as well.

To the players who create a toxic environment and only know one side of the story, you know who you are, please stop the hate and keep things positive for the sake of the community. #stopbullying


Shake hands, agree to disagree and move on - let bygones be bygones.
Don’t believe everything you are told; form your own opinions.
Zero tolerance for bullying in all its forms.

Fine ideals - not always that easy to live by; we can but try.


Let me start by saying this is an important post, we are however closing this to prevent trolling, derailing and rudeness.