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What would you like if they change Daily and Alliance rewards?

I’ve got a feeling this will happen with the update. For me, OURANO in Daily Missions would be great. And for Alliance missions, since they seem to follow a pattern, then maybe:

Allo or Tarbo - Gorgosaurus - T-Rex
Euplo or AnkyG2 - Nodo - Anky

If we’re gonna lose our weekly Sino, we better get a useful replacement!

•Gryposuchus would be nice since I’ve only seen maybe 6 in the wild since they were released (not including events)

•Darwinopterus would love some more building blocks towards the unique fliers

•Kentrosaurus - who couldn’t use more Kentro?


Tenonto or toujiano :joy:

But in reality grypo or Darwin would be pretty rad


I would like:

• Purple Stego (need a bunch to get it Lv20 for Godzilla)
• Rajasaurus (purely for Godzilla)
• Anky (good to stockpile, also for Godzilla)
• Postimetrodon (I love her and wouldn’t mind getting more :heart:)
• Baryonyx [both gens] (Gen 1 for Trysonix to get Lv20 & Gen 2 for it’s hybrid)
• Diplodoctus (Purely for it’s hybrid)
• Dracorex [Gen 1] (For Utarinex)
• Irritator (obviously)
• Kentrosaurus (for Spiky Potato)
• Darwin (for it’s hybrids)
• Stegoceratops (for Monostegotops)
• Stegosaurus (For Stegodeus)


Kentro would be awesome for many players… but a few weeks after Anky?.. All Trykos would be leveled up and I really don’t need more of that in the arenas :sweat_smile:

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I want Monolophosaurus, Utahraptor, Irritator, (probably) Tenontosaurus, Velociraptor and Dimetrodon

Can’t believe I forgot to add that in my list… couldn’t agree more!



A disaster waiting to happen I’m sure.

The daily missions rewards should be different every day, at minimum, 7 different dinos each day over each week even if they repeats.

The Alliance rewards should be different every week with a 4 to 8 week rotation before repeating.

We see the imbalanced team problem with the same rewards week after week in the lower arenas.

It would be ideal to have different dinos every day and every week so they get a uniform growth of many different dino’s rather than hundreds/thousands of low levels power leveling the same 6 dino’s.

It would even be good to have the daily and weekly mission rewards go with the weekly event although that may even be too much of the same dino’s out there for the grabs.

ill respectfully disagree. i like the same dino dna for a long duration. 100 here 100 there of random dna will not be very helpfull to me.

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I think they should break the pattern they have some but… That pattern of having similar creatures. But I’ll try there pattern…

Exploration: Tarbo/ Rex 2/ Rex
Defense: Dilo 2/Irritator/Monoloph
Daily: I don’t want erlik to change right now though. Need it a lot lol. Not sure. I like Blue but I think ppl might not want it as daily? Since blue isn’t exactly a team builder and doesn’t have fuses.

Honestly, I’m open to many of the suggestions above. This is a tough choice. There should be a way the community could help choose these.

Because… Tenonto, Tuoji, irritator, dilo 1 and 2, and all these other tough dinos to stack. Defense needs motivation because concave is meh atm.

Yes, I can only imagine the chaos these rewards bring to lower arenas… In just two days you can create the daily epic dino and quickly start leveling it up. Maybe a different one every day would be better indeed. It would suck for us higher level players, but that’s because we get very spoiled very quickly and don’t want to lose our improved progress… that’s why I always remind myself and others that WE DIDN’T HAVE ANY OF THESE just a few months ago. So I never complain about missions. It’s a bonus they’re giving us.

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T-Rex and Irritator would be great.

Irritator as daily reward mission
Ourano replaces sino

Never going to happen they don’t like us that much

They need to start rotating alliance missions at the very least on a bi-weekly basis… honestly Id like to see dailys rotate that often as well. They also need to start providing a better split in the features dinos as well.

We need to level our teams uniformly to get the best matches possible… so Id rather they didnt let me amass stock piles of dna I have to wait to use to prevent unbalanced match making.

And yes they have ruined the lower arenas… the normal team in arcadia right now has like lvl 18 alliance missions dinos and lvl 11 non alliance mission dinos.

Im really glad this patch cycle I decided one level to thor only and spend the rest of my sino else or id have a level 28 thor on a team of lvl 22 average dinos. Dodged a huge bullet on that one.