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What would you like to see in future stories?

  1. Don’t force me to be a goodie goodie. If my girlfriend turns out to be a demon or Serial Killer maybe I think that’s hot.

  2. Don’t force me into a romance. I’m sure these Games aren’t written for adults they’re written for teenagers who care about romance and shtuff but if I don’t want to romance the jock girl or the grunge rocker I shouldn’t be forced to. I did enjoy Screams take two dates but in Beverly hills I tried to blow them off. I feel in Beverly hills had it been a murder mystery the killer would be revealed as the protagonist “This is for forcing me into the stupid elections and trying to ship me with everyone! You took my free will so I took your lives MUAHAHAHAHA!!!”

  3. More loner/antisocial choices.

  4. 90210 recognized our aunt having a lesbian relationship when the cop asked “it’s another man isn’t it” “it’s not a man…” Subtle acknowledgements would be nice. And occasionally I’ve noticed that the game refers to a lesbian love interest as “He”


What’s less than zero? Because so far I’ve seen neither in games.

Definitely Insurgent (the divergent sequel), like @EveyD a recognition of lesbian relationships, definitely choices that are less dramatic (e.g. Choice one: yes I’ll totally wear this SEXY outfit! For 30 gems Choice two: I’ll stay in my gross rags [or like from riverdale- Choice one: I’ll stand up for my friend/love interest for 25 gems or Choice two: shes on her own] that’s kind of dramatic, don’t you think? Add other stories like the mortal instruments, the hunger games, Harry Potter, H20, even throw in some marvel movie stuff!


Would love to see a One Tree Hill!

It is quite shocking when the future could come out like this but I never ever saw this.

Shadowhunters (based on the book series by Cassandra Clare) the the top one I want to see. Also Teen Wolf, Shadow Falls by CC Hunter series would be another good one to see, Vampire Diaries, the Originals, and Legacies. Vampire Academy and The Secret Circle also would be really cool there are some many young adult novels that have or haven’t been turned into movies or shows that would be great to see on here.

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Maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or more original stories that don’t copy a tv series or movie. Also, an option for the viewers to make their own stories would be a cool idea.

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It make playable when it has a unique story to follow up.:slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to be able to make my own story like in Episode!!! That would be the only thing I’d want in this app!

I think the app should stop making the players who can’t afford premium choices feel like crap. When they pick the non premium option, the story goes on and on about how the player chose wrong and just punishes them and it’s not okay. The stories need to just continue on not pages of dialogue making people feel bad. It’s annoying.

I think every one has their own choice to go forward.

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I have always loved antagonists, and if there is an opportunity in the game to be a “bad guy” I will always be one.

What annoys me if anything is if you make it clear you want only one LI from the two pursing you by repeatedly choosing them for everything throughout, it only lets you confirm it finally at the end. Like just let us pick one and have the two LIs have a role one as your gf and the other just a friend from early on

Yeah definitely I would love to see story.