What Would You Name Your Dinos?


Please note I’m not saying who thinks we should get named dinos or not cuz lately its caused fights. I’m just asking, weather naming is a thing or not in the future or if without the feature you’ve already got names you call your dinos by, what are they called? Include dinos in your team, or off your roster if you want. Tell us as many of your dinos and what their names are if you wish! Let’s have some fun.

Stegosaurus: Mathilde. Its an old name with no nonsense to it. Considering shes also my highest level dino, it fits.
Amargasaurus: Agatha or Aggie. Iunno, she looks like one.
T rex: Sue. Need I say more?
Allosaurus: Morgra. Was the name of my gs pup, and allo is a fav dino.
Vraptor: Zorin. She can blitz.
Tarbosaurus: Crush
Uraptor: Crackers. Fluffy and feathered like a parrot.
Megalosaurus: Nemo. Colors remind me of clownfish.
Majungasaurus: Junga. I’ve used this name in far cry primal for my fav critter which was the black cave lion.
Suchotator: Victoria, because it’s my sisters name and she was such an irritator back when we were young.


I’m not really creative I’d most likely name it something to do with the gameplay in PvP.

For example if I had a Dino with armour I’d name it what it’s effective health is.
Or name a Dino’s damage at 1.5 with a 50% buff, nonsense like that that to help calculate efficient turns in advance.


mostly unsure but my trex would be rexy


All of my assets are named Dave.


My 6 Dino’s that I use to battle will be named after the Infinity Stones. The power to defeat anyone at my finger tips. Bwahahaha