What would you recommend?


What would you do differently? Techniques?

Leveling up certain dinosaurs is not a possibility at this point, so please refrain from this type of suggestion.

Link to videos.



I watched the first two videos that you posted, and overall, I think your techniques and strategies are more than sufficient. It’s mainly just a matter of RNG in terms of whether your opponent’s Cloaking move fails or which creatures you are dealt in a particular battle (on both sides).

If I had to nitpick and point out a specific time where I might’ve done things differently…I noted in the second video around -6.33 that you used Nullifying Strike as Monostegotops’s first move against Indominus Rex. If you’re faster, don’t hesitate to use those heavy hitting moves instead—not the low-powered strike. If your opponent isn’t a bot and is familiar with Monostegotops, they’re probably aware that it doesn’t pay to Cloak against it…but that’s all I can really say about that. :woman_shrugging:


I would find leveling up multiple dinos for combatants is best. Using more dino variety will ensure the win over others. Certain dino types do beter than others and some have a crushing kill effect that makes a loss into a win.

Indominus rex does great for most sauropods; however, some can end the cloak before the strike and kill her.

Stegadeus will dominate most armored ankylo’s, but lacks defense against stuns.

Trex could kick most armored dinos but loses to stuns.

Gigaspikasaur shields well against high hitting armor defense breakers, but losses badly to shield breakers.